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June 17, 2008 at 12:40 am | Posted in Introduction | 2 Comments

If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure that you’ve noticed that my first few posts are somewhat lengthy. That’s by design, as I wanted to write a few introductory posts for the blog so that my future readers will have something to read about who I am and what motivated me to start this blog. I’ll probably even have a few more posts like that this week.

But I also want you to know what to expect in the future …

1. Pictures! I know that I love seeing pictures of cards and other baseball-related things in other blogs. I have an old scanner and I need to try to get it to work with my current computer. I bought it in 2001 when I ran Windows Me on my computer; anyone remember Windows Me? Anyway, I remember that I was barely able to get the scanner to work with Windows XP, and now that my laptop runs Windows Vista, I’d be shocked if my scanner will work. I may need to buy a new one so that I can start scanning some cards for future posts.

2. Posts about my ideas for improving the baseball card hobby / industry. I love baseball cards, but I find myself constantly thinking of things that Topps and Upper Deck could do to make them even better. Until now, I have kept these thoughts to myself, but I plan to start a series of posts about my ideas for improving baseball cards.

3. Posts about the Rays, my collection of Rays cards, and my Don Mattingly collection. I will probably also be asking for help in finding some of the obscure Mattingly cards that I still need.

4. Posts about my thoughts on some of the great sets of 2008 and some of the not-so-great sets, complete with pictures of some of my pulls.

5. A page on the blog with my want list and cards that I have that I’d be willing to trade to obtain those cards. My goal is to start making more trades for cards and reduce the amount of money that I spend to get cards.

Thanks for reading … the best is yet to come!



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  1. just came across your little blog… best of luck with it.. keep on going, and I’ll keep checking in…

    oh, and, GO BRAVES!

  2. Thanks, Brian! I got to see a big piece of the Braves’ future tonight, Jason Heyward, in the South Atlantic League All Star Game in Greensboro. My post on that is coming up!

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