Photo laziness by Upper Deck

June 26, 2008 at 11:39 pm | Posted in Rays, Upper Deck | 5 Comments

In light of Matt Garza’s brilliant performance today, I decided to check eBay for certified autographed Garza cards that I don’t already have. I found a good looking card with what appears to be an on-card autograph from the new 2008 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts set. Here’s what the card looks like:

What do you see that’s wrong with this picture? It’s a picture of Matt Garza in a Twins uniform! As most MLB fans are aware, Garza was traded to the Rays as part of a major 6-player deal back on November 28, 2007. That is six and a half months before the Legendary Cuts set was released. Upper Deck had all of spring training and the first couple of months of the season to snap a picture of Garza in a Rays uniform. They could have even airbrushed the Rays logo into an old picture like Topps did for Garza’s Heritage card. But instead they chose to take the lazy route and used this old photo of Garza with the Twins. Let’s face it, Twins fans probably do not want Garza cards anymore and Rays fans want cards of him in a Rays uniform. Topps didn’t have this problem; I bought a Co-Signers dual autographed card of Matt Garza and Andy Sonnanstine about a month ago and Garza was pictured in a Rays uniform.

So Upper Deck, I am calling you out. I don’t want to see any more cards printed of Matt Garza in a Twins uniform, Scott Kazmir wearing number 26 (which he hasn’t worn since 2006), or any Rays in their old green uniforms. We’re almost at the All Star break, and collectors deserve cards of their favorite players in their current uniforms!



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  1. Man, I completely agree! You and Mario beat me to the punch on your recent posts about this. I’ll probably still do my own about Travis Buck (I think it’s Travis Buck that is…I gotta go through some binders and find the cards.)

    This is my newest gripe with Baseball Cards. I remember hearing about a writer’s strike. I don’t remember anything about a Sports Card Photography strike…

  2. So is this why there aren’t any Seth McClung cards this year? “We can’t throw this old picture from ’06 out there.” 😉

  3. Wow, an actual Seth McClung fan! I am impressed, morineko. As a Rays fan, I was always enamored with his talent (e.g. the 99 MPH fastball) but constantly let down by his performances in the majors. I talked to him before a game in Durham once and he seemed like a great guy, and I am really happy that he is having success with Milwaukee this year. Last year’s trade worked out well for both teams as Grant Balfour has been terrific in the Rays’ bullpen. I hope that Topps or Upper Deck will make a 2008 Seth McClung card for you, and hey, they might as well just make one with an old picture of McClung with the Rays, since that seems to be the kind of thing that Upper Deck likes to do…

  4. I didn’t know who he was until the Brewers traded for him. I was excited by the speed and the potential and it looks like he’s finally figured it out–I think tonight’s start was an anomaly and the Metrodome just makes him really nervous. (It’s like that poster on the X-Files-“I want to believe”)

    I’m glad someone else has heard of him and likes him–well, you are a Rays fan, but so many of them seemed to want him to go die in a fire or something. Sad.

  5. I think that McClung is affected more than most by the mental part of the game. When he’s confident, like he always was in Triple-A, he trusts his natural ability and can dominate. When he’s not confident, he loses his control and struggles. Hopefully he can put it all together and have success with the Brewers.

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