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June 28, 2008 at 12:50 am | Posted in Blogs | 9 Comments

I edited my blog links today, adding links to several good baseball card blogs that I have recently started reading. They are all worth checking out. Let me know about any other great blogs that I should check out or link to. If your blog isn’t listed, please don’t take offense. It’s probably because I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. There are an incredible amount of high quality baseball card blogs out there to enjoy!

I also discovered an oversight in my list of blogs that I visit daily. I had forgotten to list Sports Cards Uncensored, which I started reading a few weeks ago and now consider to be one of the most essential blogs about the sports card hobby. I must warn you that it does contain some explicit language, so you might want to avoid it if you are easily offended. I also readily admit that I do not agree with all of the commentary on the blog. However, Gellman and the other writers on the blog are always entertaining and never afraid to expose some of the problems in the hobby. Whether it’s controversies regarding Beckett, complaints about the latest sets produced by Topps or Upper Deck, warnings about fake patch cards, or the hilarious rants about “Joe Collector”, they offer a critical perspective that you don’t encounter often on other blogs. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You may discover that once you’re hooked, it’s hard to stay away!


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  1. Thanks for the link, Ill add you over on mine! I didnt know you had started up until you were linked over on TNB. Thanks!

  2. Oh, and keep up the cool blog, after reading through this, I really enjoy your style.

    Either way, Brewers are going down today!

  3. I hate to say it but I’m doing a blog soon titled….

    “I hate you, Prince Fielder!”

    Dude, he’s friggin’ killlllliiinnnnnggg me on my Fantasy Ball this year. He’s gotta be the most inconsistent player in the bigs.

    One week he’ll score like 48 points and then the next he’ll score 3.

    I really hope we can still be friends after I’m finished with it…

  4. Well I’m not actually a Brewers fan. I’m a Rays fan, so it doesn’t matter to me if the Brewers go down or not. I don’t have much of a connection to Prince Fielder either; I’ve just always liked the name Fielder’s Choice. Prince and Cecil Fielder just kinda fit with the name, so I used a Prince Fielder card in my logo. I explained it in my first post.

    So go ahead and write your post about Prince, JV. He seems to be having a good season though, so there are worse players to have on your fantasy team. But I wish that I had him last year.

    Maybe I should start collecting some Prince Fielder cards since I have I have him featured in my blog logo. I just saw a Prince and Cecil Fielder dual auto’d card on eBay and that looks damn cool!

  5. just making conversation…lol…

    I didn’t remember you saying you didn’t collect him…I must have missed that part somehow.

    I’m glad you don’t mind…Because I value our friendship and I’m really fixing to slam the guy…

    Seriously, Prince is an oustanding hitter, but “points wise” he’s been horribly inconsistent for me this year.

  6. Well now I’m starting to think that Prince might be a fun player to collect 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your post slamming him, JV. You must be in a different kind of fantasy league than the ones I’m in. I play in 5×5 head-to-head leagues. It would be cool to start a fantasy league with all card bloggers next year.

    Also, I’m not easily offended. You could probably slam the Rays and Don Mattingly and we’d still be cool 🙂

  7. Don Mattingly is ugly! The Rays have a stupid name! SLAM!

    Still cool? I didnt think so.

  8. Now you’ve really ticked me off Gellman! Now I need some revenge … Beckett rules! They are the best thing to happen to our hobby ever! People should only pay the Beckett list prices for their cards because Beckett knows better than anyone else and they are totally NOT motivated by their own self interest. People should ignore how much cards are selling for on eBay and their own common sense! Now I am going to go rape some donkeys, make fake patch cards, and post some YouTube videos showing off some jersey cards that I paid $30 for at a flea market! Take that!

  9. Beckett rules? Now you just sound like me, Dave…lol

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