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June 30, 2008 at 12:49 am | Posted in My Cards | 5 Comments

In my very first post I told you that I am a Don Mattingly collector and that I owned 923 different Mattingly cards. I am happy to say that number is now up to 937. I’ve been focusing on trying to collect every Mattingly card that was produced within his playing career (1996 and earlier) and I am now tantalizingly close to achieving that goal. There are now only 31 cards that I still need. Most of these have proven to be very hard to find on eBay, Sportlots, and Beckett Marketplace, so I figured that I’d take advantage of having a blog and ask my readers if they know where I can find these cards. So if you own any of them, please contact me if you would be willing to sell or trade them. Also, if you know where I might be able to find any of these for sale or trade anywhere online, I would greatly appreciate any information.

Here’s my list:

  • 1987 Sports Reading #21 (I’m not sure what exactly this is but it’s listed in Beckett’s Mattingly checklist and I’ve never seen it anywhere)
  • 1989 Scoremasters Promo
  • 1990 Donruss Aqueous Test #190
  • 1990 Yankees Topps TV #25
  • 1992 High 5 #89
  • 1992 Triple Play Previews #4
  • 1992 Yankees WIZ 80s #111
  • 1993 Donruss Elite Supers #6
  • 1993 Finest Refractors #98 (I know that I can easily find this one on eBay but it’s just too expensive for me to buy right now)
  • 1993 Select Samples #24
  • 1994 Stadium Club Members Only Super Team #ST24
  • 1994 Stadium Club Team First Day Issue #181
  • 1995 Classic Phone Card #38
  • 1995 Donruss Checklist Press Proofs #220
  • 1995 Donruss Checklist Press Proofs #440
  • 1995 Finest Refractors #126
  • 1995 Pinnacle Artist’s Proofs (Swing Men) #295
  • 1995 Stadium Club Members Only (Ring Leaders) #RL33
  • 1995 Stadium Club Members Only (Super Skills) #SS5
  • 1995 Stadium Club Members Only (Virtual Reality) #200
  • 1995 Stadium Club World Series (Best Seat In The House) #212
  • 1995 Stadium Club World Series #381
  • 1995 UC3 Artist’s Proofs (In Depth) #139
  • 1995 Upper Deck Special Edition Gold #145
  • 1995 Upper Deck/GTS Phone Card #MLB11
  • 1996 Collector’s Choice Gold Signature (Traditional Threads) #100
  • 1996 Collector’s Choice Gold Signature #237
  • 1996 Collector’s Choice Gold Signature (You Make The Play) #23
  • 1996 Collector’s Choice Gold Signature (You Make The Play) #23A
  • 1996 Stadium Club Members Only #73
  • 1996 Topps Chrome Refractors #56

Eventually I’ll scan some of my Mattingly collection for the blog. It would be cool to be able to scan every card someday, but that would take an extreme amount of time.


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  1. nice work! that’s quite a few mattinglys 🙂 I’ve got a list online (see link). Still missing quite a few myself….but have not been very active over the last few years. The post ’96 is crazy….as far as the quantity and expense.

    good luck in your search

  2. Where can I find a complete list of every Mattingly card made. I’m on the same crusade to acquire every card, but it would help to know what I’m looking for and what I already have on hand!

  3. Ron, if you sign up for Beckett’s online price guide, you can get a list of every card of Mattingly or any other player. I printed one out about 4 years ago and still use it as a checklist today. I also noticed a good checklist on vince311’s web site.

  4. I have over 900 Mattingly cards and I actually took the painstaking time to scan all of them into my computer and organize my collection. It was the only way I could keep up with what I have and didn’t have. It was about a 2 month project working on it for a couple hrs a day for 3-4 days a week. Well worth it in the end though!

  5. I HAVE A SET OF THREE Refractor CARDS IN A PLASTIC CASE 2 1993 Finest Promo Refractors #98 Don Mattingly
    AND 1 1993 Finest Refractors #98 Don Mattingly I WOULD LIKE TO SALE + 2 AUTHOR SETS FROM 1994

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