The most important series in history begins tonight!

June 30, 2008 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Rays | 2 Comments

I speak, of course, about the most important series in the history of the Tampa Bay Rays. Today, on June 30, 2008, the Rays stand alone on top of the American League East with the best record in all of baseball. Oh how sweet it is to say those words! Take a look at the standings if this sounds too far-fetched to believe:

The Rays have now played 81 games, and exactly half the season has gone by. The Rays are just six wins away from tying the number of wins that they had in the entire 2002 season, their worst ever. Heck, they are only 21 wins away from matching their all-time best season of 2004 when they finished 70-91. On Baseball Tonight last night, Steve Phillips was predicting that the Rays would make the playoffs. As great as this season has been, it still sounds funny to hear the words “Rays” and “playoffs” used in the same sentence. I am loving every minute of this season!

So anyway, the series that I speak of is the one that starts tonight in St. Petersburg against the Boston Red Sox. I believe that there is a real possibility of a Rays sweep as their top three starters (Shields, Garza, and Kazmir) will be pitching and Josh Beckett will not be. Sweep or no sweep, this is the Rays’ opportunity to prove to the baseball world that they are for real. Even a 2-1 series win would increase their lead over Boston with Kansas City coming to town next. This is truly the most exciting time in history to be a Rays fan, and this week’s battle for A.L. East supremacy is their most important series to date.

I will be glued to the TV for the next three nights watching the games. I really hope that DirecTV offers the Rays announcers from FSN Florida, because I am sick of hearing Boston’s confused announcers talk about how they think they’re in Tampa when they know damn well they are in St. Pete. Oh well, either way at least it won’t be White Sox announcers. And we will not have to deal with Coco Crisp trying to intentionally injure second basemen and charging the mound to incite a brawl. He is rightfully serving a suspension, so we can focus on baseball now.

Let’s Go Rays!

My wife, Rebecca, and I during our invasion of Fenway Park in December.


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  1. Good luck in the series and is it just me or do you two look like you just came out of a ‘Sex in the City/Friends’ episode? 🙂

  2. My wife got a laugh out of your comment, Mario, since Friends is her favorite TV show. We just had big smiles on our faces because we were in a great baseball stadium.

    I was very relieved by the Rays win tonight especially after the tense ninth inning. We’re a third of the way to a sweep! I did have to listen to Boston’s announcers tonight, but I only heard them say they were in Tampa one time and they only called the team the ‘Devil Rays’ once that I noticed. Actually their announcers are better than most teams’ announcers are.

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