My foray into eTopps

July 2, 2008 at 12:32 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 2 Comments

Having not been very familiar with the concept of eTopps, I was kind of intrigued when I read about it recently on Wax Heaven and Cardboard Junkie. No, Mario and dayf are not fans of the idea, but I decided to go to to check it out for myself.

I think I understand the concept. Topps offers new eTopps cards each week, which you can buy for an initial offering price, sort of like a stock IPO. When you buy a card, you can trade it to another collector for other eTopps cards, you can sell it on eBay, or you can hold it in your “portfolio” and hope that the value goes up. Eventually you can have Topps ship the card to you, or you can treat it like an investment and hope that the value keeps going up until you sell it or trade it.

At the very least, it’s an innovative idea. Many people treat cards like investments anyway, and this formalizes the process for them. They don’t even have to touch the actual card that they’re investing in. I have to give Topps credit for thinking outside the box with this and other ideas like Topps Town. Not every collector is going to go for it, but at least they’re trying. I can’t think of anything from Upper Deck recently that I’d call innovative.

So I am officially taking the plunge. Tonight I bought my first ever eTopps card on eBay, a 2008 Evan Longoria card. It looks pretty cool:

With the All Star quality season that Evan is having, I would imagine that this card will only increase in value as time goes on. I’ll have Topps ship it to me at some point, but not until I acquire a few more eTopps cards so that I can save on shipping. I see that there are a couple of Don Mattingly eTopps cards out there for me to buy, and maybe some other Rays. I’ll keep you posted on the blog about my foray into eTopps in the coming weeks and months. Maybe it won’t be as bad as Mario and dayf think…


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  1. Congrats on taking the plunge into etopps. It’s a fun endeavor in which you can also trade what’s in your portfolio for other cards on the etopps website. If you happen to live in the Chicago area, members of etopps will be selling their in-hand etopps cards at the National in a corporate booth sponsored by Topps. Also at the National, etopps will have their own convention (econ 6.0) that will have guest speakers, pack wars for sealed Topps hobby boxes and uncut etopps sheets to name a few, a great dinner, a gift bag that includes an exclusive autographed etopps card given out only at the econ and a Q&A with the guys behind etopps. Check out to learn more about the econ and to keep up with my etopps in-hand marketwatch blog.

    Don’t forget to keep at least one Longoria in your portfolio for a possible autograph offering…you never know!

  2. Thanks for the info on eTopps, Derek! I’ll definitely be checking out your blog. Unfortunately I do not live near Chicago, so I cannot attend the National. Sounds like there will be a lot of great things from eTopps going on.

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