Look who’s on the cover of ESPN the Magazine!

July 6, 2008 at 12:46 pm | Posted in Rays | 3 Comments

Check it out:

That’s Akinori Iwamura, Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, and Troy Percival. I am loving all of the national media attention that has been on the Rays lately. This is the third national magazine cover that I’m aware of, following these two:

Also, MLB will apparently announce the All Star team rosters in about an hour and a half. I predicted that Evan Longoria, Dioner Navarro, and Scott Kazmir would make it earlier this week, so let’s see what happens. Terry Francona can’t possibly get away with only naming one Ray to the team after the Rays swept his Red Sox this week, can he?



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  1. Man, I’ve been seriously thinking about dropping my Manny Collection. I’ll probably post about it soon…

    I’ve been leaning towards Aki and Rick Ankiel. I love watching both guys play this year and I’m quickly becoming a fan of both…

  2. I saw this cover today too…I was really hoping Sonnanstine and his awesome beard would be there too, oh well.

  3. JV, Aki’s a good choice except that the prices of some of his cards on eBay are driven up by Japanese fans bidding on them. He is a great player to watch though. I’m amazed by how quickly he mastered second base.

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