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July 6, 2008 at 1:33 am | Posted in My Cards | 3 Comments

A lot of people assume that I’m a Prince Fielder fan and collector, given the name of the blog and the Prince Fielder card on the logo. Chris from Stale Gum even linked here when he pulled a “Superstar Scrapbook” card of Prince from an Upper Deck Series 2 blaster. I love his nickname for him, “The World’s Fattest Vegetarian”. I really do wonder how he could stay so fat after converting to vegetarianism this past offseason.

The truth is that I like Prince Fielder, but I like the name “Fielder’s Choice” even better. When I was a kid, I wanted to open a sports-themed restaurant one day and I decided that I’d call it “Fielder’s Choice”. I thought that “fielder’s choice” was a great baseball term to use for naming something related to baseball. On top of that, Cecil Fielder was a star slugger for the Detroit Tigers at the time, and I used to imagine that I’d have him on the commercials for my restaurant saying “When I’m in town, I always chow down at Fielder’s Choice!” If I opened a restaurant today, I wouldn’t be able to use Prince Fielder in my ads because I’d definitely have some meat on the menu.

Anyway, I have been contemplating starting a Prince Fielder collection lately, and I have now officially decided to start one. I have so many Rays cards that it would be nice to have some variety, and Prince is one of the top young hitters in baseball (although he is apparently not helping JV‘s fantasy team this year). Plus, he’s in the National League, and the Brewers play the Rays very rarely. Hopefully he won’t wind up with the Red Sox or Yankees in the future. Come on Milwaukee, lock him up with a long-term contract!

I narrowly missed out on winning this eBay auction a few days ago for an extremely cool 2006 Co-Signers dual autographed card of Prince and Cecil Fielder. I am anxiously awaiting someone else to start selling one. But my collection was jumpstarted today when I received a package in the mail from Mario at Wax Heaven that included my winnings from a recent contest. Mario was kind enough to throw in a game-used jersey card of Prince #/175 from 2007 SPX:

It’s an awesome card, and I can’t wait to get more Prince Fielder cards. Maybe he can lead the Brewers to the World Series to face the Rays 🙂

Update: I want to mention that the Fielder card was actually a “redemption replacement” from Mario. He was temporarily unable to find the Andrew Miller jersey card that I won in the contest, so he replaced it with the Fielder card. As you can see, Wax Heaven is much better with its redemption replacements than Topps!



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  1. yeah, the, “Down With Cecil’s Kid” post is still in the works. I’ll give him one more day to prove me wrong… Tomorrow. Sunday, July 6th, 2007. You need a big day, Prince, or TNB will show you no mercy…

    I might even send you all my Fielder cards to help you along…lol. (I really didn’t want to give you any “Mad Bum” cards. I have a sweet Bowman Sterling Auto that I hope will one day finance the down payment on my kid’s college…hahahaha…)

    Even though it is that same crappy “oh face” photo from EVERY other Bumgarner card in existence.

  2. You should of mentioned that it was a redemption replacement! 🙂

  3. JV, thanks … I just bought a Bumgarner auto’d card on eBay the other day; I agree that it’s a great investment.

    Mario, I didn’t want it to seem like I was complaining about not getting the Miller card, but I can update the post to mention that it was a redemption replacement.

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