Topps Chrome Hobby Box break results

July 13, 2008 at 3:31 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 5 Comments

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently bought two hobby boxes of 2008 Topps Chrome. I broke the first box on Thursday night and the second box tonight. While you are only guaranteed two autographs per box, I wound up getting three autographs in each box. This would be exciting until you realize that the autographs are all of worthless players (only Chin-Lung Hu is actually a decent prospect). You can get autographs of 19 different players; of them, only Clay Buchholz, Johnny Cueto, and maybe Hu and J.R. Towles are desirable. Still, this truly is a great product that is definitely one of the most visually-appealing sets of cards out there.

Here are my results:

Box 1:

65 Base cards (out of 220).

8 Regular refractors:
31 – Justin Morneau
71 – Dan Haren
91 – Derrek Lee
129 – Geovany Soto:

133 – Jeremy Bonderman
147 – Josh Beckett
165 – Chris Carpenter
209 – Fernando Hernandez

2 Copper refractors:
54 – Russell Martin (153/599):

152 – Ken Griffey Jr. (145/599):

1 Topps Heritage refractor:
C103 – Chone Figgins (109/559):

4 Topps Heritage chrome:
C111 – Brandon Jones (1691/1959)
C118 – Frank Thomas (1593/1959)
C128 – Jeff Clement (0619/1959)
C179 – Carlos Pena (1502/1959)

3 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie Team inserts (including 1 refractor):
ARC4 – Manny Ramirez refractor (213/400):

ARC10 – Albert Pujols
ARC11 – Ichiro

2 Mickey Mantle Home Run History inserts:
MHRC410 – Home Run #410
MHRC420 – Home Run #420

1 Mickey Mantle Story insert:
MMSC47 – “Two Sides To This Longball Story”:

7 Trading Card History inserts (including 1 copper refractor):
TCHC16 – Mark Teixeira / Jeff Francouer (1941 Double Play) refractor (010/100):

TCHC16 – Mark Teixeira / Jeff Francouer (1941 Double Play):

TCHC17 – Justin Upton (1962 Topps) – this one makes me look forward to 2011 Topps Heritage:

TCHC18 – Alfonso Soriano (1958 Hires Root Beer):

TCHC19 – Ichiro (Japanese Baseball Card) – looks absolutely awesome:

TCHC20 – Grady Sizemore (1948 Swell Gum):

TCHC21 – Ryan Howard (1982 Topps):

3 Autographed cards:
228 – Chin-Lung Hu:

230 – Rich Thompson:

231 – Brian Barton refractor (441/500):

Box 2:

65 Base cards (out of 220).

8 Regular refractors:
76 – Jermaine Dye
88 – Bobby Crosby
108 – Derek Lowe
118 – Hideki Matsui
142 – John Smoltz:

160 – Pat Burrell
210 – Randor Bierd
218 – Burke Badenhop

2 Copper refractors:
127 – Tom Gorzelanny (054/599):

133 – Jeremy Bonderman (365/599):

1 Topps Heritage Black refractor:
C195 – A.J. Burnett (48/59) – I am psyched to get one of these:

1 Topps Heritage refractor:
C154 – Gil Meche (503/559):

4 Topps Heritage chrome:
C104 – Jose Vidro (0854/1959)
C149 – Radhames Liz (1076/1959)
C166 – Brian Roberts (1416/1959)
C186 – Alex Gordon (0001/1959) – the first one made!

2 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie Team inserts:
ARC2 – Ivan Rodriguez
ARC3 – Mike Piazza:

2 Mickey Mantle Home Run History inserts:
MHRC510 – Home Run #510
MHRC520 – Home Run #520

1 Mickey Mantle Story insert:
MMSC52 – “Going, Going, Gone – Out Of Tiger Stadium”:

7 Trading Card History inserts (including 1 refractor):
TCHC26 – Justin Verlander (1985 Topps) refractor (153/400) – one of my favorites since I love ’85 Topps:

TCHC1 – Jacoby Ellsbury (1969 Topps):

TCHC2 – Joba Chamberlain (1955 Bowman):

TCHC3 – Daisuke Matsuzaka (T-206):

TCHC48 – Phil Hughes (1887 N284 Buchner Gold):

TCHC49 – Torii Hunter (1962 MENKO JCM55):

TCHC50 – Brad Hawpe (1953 Bowman):

3 Autographed cards:
222 – Felipe Paulino refractor (299/500):

231 – Brian Barton:

235 – Matt Tolbert:

After two hobby boxes and one blaster, I have 113 out of the 220 base cards. I’ll try to complete the set by buying more blasters at Wal Mart. That way, I can also load up on the blue refractors, X-fractors, and Dick Perez art cards that aren’t available in hobby boxes.

I’m also thinking about trying to collect a full set of the Heritage refractors. There are 100 from the actual Topps Heritage set, and 100 from Topps Chrome. If you have any Heritage refractors that you’d be willing to trade or even sell, let me know.



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  1. I’m suprised that I do, but I LOVE that Phil Hughes TCH! That’s really cool…

  2. That has got to be the best picture of Tom Gorzelanny that I’ve ever seen. How’d they manage to find the one moment where he’d have his mouth closed?

  3. Nice box breaks. I got into Topps Chrome just recently and am hooked. The blaster supply in Winston Salem is low, so I’ve switched over to Hobby Packs. The Card Store sells Hobby Packs for $3 a pop, which is about equal to the price of a retail pack. Good luck on building your sets. Keep up the great writing.

  4. I have a 2008 topps chrome mickey mantle home run history #536 refractor and was wondering how much it was worth?

  5. i have a geovany soto – 129 do u know how much it is worth?
    i also have the following i am trying to find out prices on such as:

    1987- fleer Ryne Sandberg “league leaders”# 39 out of 40
    1988-leaf Donruss. Rafael Palmeiro card #49
    2006- upper deck Mark Grace card # 52
    2008 -upper deck “baseball heros” Ernie Banks card #41
    2008- upper deck Kevin Hart card #318
    1986- Ryne Sandberg fleer card # 32 out of 44
    1988- fleer Ryne Sandberg card # 32

    sorry i have tried ebay and can not find price to save my
    so i thought i would try here and see if i can get any information on these cards or who “may” be interested in them or where i can find dealers that purchase them near me.
    thanks so much for your time!!!!

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