Josh Hamilton, definitely a “Hero” tonight

July 15, 2008 at 3:17 am | Posted in Baseball, Blogs | 7 Comments

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this blog during its one month of existence so far. It’s been a great outlet for expressing my opinions about the baseball card industry and my jubilation about the great season that the Rays are were having. I am especially proud of one blog post that I’ve written, regarding my conflicted feelings about Josh Hamilton. I think that it’s some of my best writing and it’s on a subject that I have thought a lot about and cared a lot about over the last several years.

And then tonight happened. Josh Hamilton completely enraptured an entire nation of baseball fans by his unbelievable performance in the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium. He almost predicted that this great moment would happen when he told reporters about a dream that he had a couple of years ago about this particular Home Run Derby. Judging by his demeanor, it seemed like he was expecting that this would happen. He had a look of confidence and determination that is rarely seen by any athlete. I was completely in awe. Hamilton’s performance tonight already ranks as one of my favorite baseball moments of my lifetime.

Tonight, the entire nation of baseball fans, and fans around the world for that matter, are beginning to realize just how special Josh Hamilton is. His accomplishment adds to the amazing story that fans in Raleigh, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, and Texas have known about for a while. His talent rivals, and perhaps surpasses, any player of his generation. Jumping from three years of not playing baseball to the lower minor leagues in 2006, to a great rookie year in the Major Leagues in 2007, to being arguably the best player in the game in 2008 is a story that is unique in the 150-year history of our national pastime. The Home Run Derby was Hamilton’s coming out party. It will likely be remembered as the day when the baseball world realized that Josh Hamilton is not only the most interesting and inspiring story in baseball, but also its best and most talented player.

My earlier blog post was entitled “Josh Hamilton, Hero or Zero?” When I wrote it, I wasn’t sure of the answer to that question. After tonight, I can truly say that Josh Hamilton is a Hero. While no one knows if he’ll be able to stay clean indefinitely, at this moment in time it is nearly impossible not to be a huge fan. I am now fully aboard the Josh Hamilton bandwagon. I want to see more magical moments like what we witnessed at Yankee Stadium tonight. I will be rooting for him wholeheartedly.

Incidentally, the great night for Josh Hamilton has also been a great night for Fielder’s Choice Baseball Card Blog. According to the statistics from WordPress, while my hit count has been on the rise since I started the blog, the highest number of hits for a full day had been 120 on July 10. Tonight, after only a few hours since WordPress starting tracking my hits for July 15, there have already been 173 hits for the day. Of those 173, there have been 152 views of my “Josh Hamilton, Hero or Zero?” post. Here are the search terms that have led people here:

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I am absolutely blown away by this. I guess I should thank Josh Hamilton for bringing so many people to this blog. I hope that my new visitors like what they see here and that you will consider bookmarking the site and returning in the future. The blog is only a month old, but I have some great plans for entertaining and informative posts in the future. And while you’re at it, I’d highly recommend checking out all of the blogs that are listed on the sidebar here. There is even one specifically devoted to Josh Hamilton. The baseball card blog community is relatively new, but it’s growing fast. There are some great writers to check out and I believe that their blogs are a great read for any baseball fan, whether you’re a current collector of baseball cards or not. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to buy a pack of 2008 baseball cards and reacquaint yourself with the hobby…

On a side note, I had a great time at the Southern League All Star game tonight (I DVR’d the Home Run Derby and watched it when I got home). I was going to write about that tonight, but Josh Hamilton took precedence. I’ll be back tomorrow to write about the game, the prospects, and the autographs that I obtained, complete with pictures.



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  1. I know what you mean about the traffic… I lost count of all the Google Searches for “Rock me like a hurricane” after the first month…

    Congratulations on the first month and Great Job on the blog, Dave! I really enjoy reading!

  2. May the glory (credit) go to God as Josh has pointed out; God loves to show off through those that have turned to Him. 🙂 Continue on in the faith Josh,
    Galatians 4:1-7

    Kim, a representative for weighdown ministries

  3. It was a huge night. By pretty much any standards.

  4. Truly a night to celebrate for all people, it’s good to see someone take responsibility, pull themselves up from their self-dug holes and achieve.

    No matter how you look at it (God, another God or no God) his story can be an inspiration to everyone.

  5. I’m not a religious person myself, but I think it’s great that Josh has been able to use religion as a tool to make positive changes in his life. I have a relative who was in a similar situation who also used religious faith to turn his life around, so I know that how helpful religion can be for some people. I just take a pragmatic view and give Josh Hamilton credit for his own successes and blame for his own failures. I hope that Josh’s religion helps him to keep this amazing story going!

  6. Josh Hamilton – what a great guy. His story is awesome.

  7. Josh i just wanted to tell you i was in the same spot your were at one point. I got out if it and i”m doing great! I’m the biggest White Sox Fan but there is something about you that drew me to the texas rangers. You are a great player i was watching the homerun derby and i wanted you to the win. I just wanted to tell you that i”m glad you got out of your dark place. You are my hero! Keep it up you will always be a hero in my eyes!

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