I got a rip card!!!

July 25, 2008 at 11:25 pm | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 9 Comments

I just got back from my Allen & Ginter box busting party, and I’m going to post full details about it later. But for now, I just want to announce that I was lucky enough to pull a one-per-case rip card! I got a Felix Hernandez #80/99:

The other collectors at the party were pressuring me to rip it, but I wasn’t ready to make that decision before checking out how much this card was selling for on eBay. Now that I’m home I see that this very card sold yesterday for $95.99!

Another guy also pulled a rip card and succumbed to the peer pressure to rip it. Inside of it, he found a Delmon Young “exclusive mini parallel”, which is pretty much the worst thing you can get in it. The other possibilities are an “authentic Allen & Ginter red autograph”, a “one-of-one exclusive mini wood parallel” or a “one-of-one Dick Perez sketch card”.

I’m leaning towards selling my rip card on eBay, or if anyone reading this is willing to buy it for $95, let me know and I can sell it to you directly. What do you think I should do? Should I sell it, or take a big risk and rip it? If I rip it, it will be worth a lot less, but what I find inside might be worth a lot more…



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  1. I swear I wish I had $95 and I would have the check in the mail…

    outstanding pull!!

  2. I know it’s shady, but if you hold it up to a really bright light, you can see what is inside.

  3. Put it in a toploader and sit on it for a while it can only go up right?

  4. Is it true that the value will go up? I wasn’t collecting when Allen & Ginter came out last year, so can anyone tell me if the value of the rip cards went up over time, or should I strike while the iron is hot?

  5. what do the perez sketch cards look like

  6. random guy, I haven’t seen any yet on eBay or anywhere else, but I’ll post a link here when I do see one.

  7. SELL SELL SELL!!! Trust me on that one.

  8. If you guys are looking for rip cards I have a 6/10 unripped Delmon Young. I’ve never seen an /10 before and cannot find any info online about anyone ever pulling one and of course beckett won’t help me with a price. It’s up at checkoutmycards.com if anyone is interested.

  9. I see you like Longoria. I just pulled a /75 rip card of him 2008 Allen Ginter. Im a Cardinal fan. Have any good Pujols cards to trade me?

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