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July 27, 2008 at 12:02 pm | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 6 Comments

On Friday night I had a great time opening two hobby boxes of 2008 Allen & Ginter at a case busting party at Cardiacs Sports Cards in Cary, North Carolina. This was the first event like this that they’ve done and turnout was a little lighter than expected. There were six customers, including me, opening boxes, along with the two shop owners and their kids. They provided a free dinner (pizza) and drinks too. I really enjoyed opening the boxes with other collectors around and I hope to do more of this type of thing in the future.

Now, on to my results:

  • Base cards: Each box contained 143 base cards, so I received 286 total. You’d think that I’d be able to get somewhat close to a set of the 350 base cards, but that was not to be. Instead, I was exasperated as I opened the second box and found almost exactly the same base cards that I got in the first one. Out of the 143 base cards in the second box, only 21 were different than the cards I got in the first box. The boxes came out of different cases, and both of them had the number 00197 on the bottom of the inside of the box. I am wondering if all boxes with the same number inside are all this similar to each other. It would be really unfortunate if Topps is intentionally producing boxes have such similar contents. Anyway, I was able to make two base card trades. I traded an extra Josh Hamilton to get Evan Longoria, and an extra Ian Kinsler to get B.J. Upton. So now I have 166 of the 350 base cards and 120 doubles sitting around. I desperately want to trade off the doubles for cards that I need, and I’ll be posting my list of doubles and the cards that I need at my Trading Corner soon.

    Here are some of my favorite base cards:

    Evan Longoria:

    B.J. Upton:

    Josh Hamilton
    Can anyone figure out why he’s wearing #52? He wears #32 for Texas and wore #33 for the Reds:

    How great is it to get a card of Ben Franklin:

    And Albert Einstein:

    The first man to get a perfect score on Pac-Man, Billy Mitchell:

    The coolest PBA bowler of all-time, Pete Weber:

  • Regular mini cards: 23 cards, including 4 duplicates that I’ll be looking to trade.
  • Mini cards with Allen & Ginter graphic back: 11 different cards. The best is this one with an awesome, intimidating picture of Scott Kazmir:

  • Black bordered mini cards: 6 different cards. The big prize was one of Evan Longoria:

  • Mini card with Bazooka back #/25: I got one of these, Alex Romero (22/25). The back is more interesting than the front:

  • World Leader mini cards: I got the same cards of the leaders of Brazil and South Korea in both boxes, but I was able to trade my doubles to get Russia and Switzerland too:

  • Ancient Icon mini card: I got one of these, Romulus & Remus, the founders of Rome, being nursed by a wolf:

  • Baseball Icon mini card: I got one of these, Walter Johnson:

  • “The World’s Deadliest Sharks” mini card: I got one of these rare cards, the mako shark:

  • U.S. State cards: I pulled about 30 different states, but I was able to trade for all of the ones that I needed, so I have a complete set of 50 now. I’ll feature the cards of states that are important to me:

    Brad Ausmus from Connecticut, the state where I was born:

    Alex Rodriguez from New York, the state where I grew up:

    Ken Griffey Jr. from Pennsylvania, the state where I went to college:

    And Ryan Zimmerman from North Carolina, the state that is now my home:

    I personally think that North Carolina has one of the better looking state flags. I didn’t realize that Zimmerman was from here, since he went to college at the University of Virginia. I think that Topps made a mistake by not putting Josh Hamilton on this card. A Hamilton North Carolina card would be incredibly popular around here!

  • “Crack the Code” cards: I got two of these. I don’t really care about cracking the code, but if you do, maybe these will help:

    Red Sox 2004 ALCS:

    Kerri Strug:

  • Box loader jumbo cabinet cards: I got one of these in each box:

    D-Day “Historical Battles”:

    Phillies catch the Mets “Baseball Highlights”:

    I’ll bet that Mets fans just love this card!

  • The hits: I got two in each box:

    I got an Alex Rios bat card that I traded for this Carl Crawford bat card:

    Tom Glavine jersey card (it’s always nice to get a relic from a future Hall of Famer):

    Ichiro jersey card (first Ichiro relic I’ve ever owned):

    And I was able to add to my Prince Fielder collection with this bat card:

    There are two guaranteed hits per box, but there were a few people who got three, and one guy who got five in one box!

  • And finally I got one rip card, which I wrote about here.

Other than getting so many duplicate base cards, I do like this year’s Allen & Ginter. The design of the text on the bottom of each card is a little more stylish than last year and there seems to be a greater variety of pictures (action shots, poses, etc.) and more color this year. The framed relics are awesome, the mini subsets are very cool, and the state flag cards that are in each pack are an improvement over last year’s Dick Perez cards (and there are 50 of them so it’s more of a challenge to get a full set). I’m getting more used to the cards of non-baseball players, and as I was opening the packs, I was actually looking forward to see what interesting non-athletes I’d find on my cards. So 2008 Allen & Ginter is a great product that I’d highly recommend.

Opening the cards with a group of people added to the excitement too. In addition to the cards that I received, I got to see another rip card, a rare framed silk card, an autographed guitar pick from Marcus Henderson, the guy who plays the guitar on Guitar Hero, and two Joba Chamberlain autographs.



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  1. My two boxes have yet to arrive (via dogsled to Canada) but when they do, I’ll be up for trading base cards if you still need to.

    (I’ve got them from two different sellers, so I hope my distribution is better)

  2. it sounds like their is much better odds on this years stuff than last years as far as the hits go.

    And, I never want to see that Romulus & Remus card again. That’s creepy with the wolf tits…

  3. The amazing thing to me about A&G is just how fickle the secondary market value for certain cards is.

    Out of 2 boxes, I actually managed to pull 3 case hits, and both boxes were from the same case!!

    The problem is, they are all basically worthless.

    I pulled an Andre Ward relic sp limited to 100 copies. Group A relics are 1 per case. Every one on eBay so far has sold for $25 or less.

    I pulled a mini Bazooka back hand numbered to 25. Also seeded 1 per case. Most of these are selling for around $30 depending on the player.

    And…finally, I pulled one of the World’s Dealiest Sharks. Also, you guessed it, 1 per case. Some of these, sadly, have sold for less than a dollar. I’m guessing nobody really cares about these. I’ve already seen complete sets go for $25.

    So….am I just whining or what. There was a time I would have wet my pants for 1 case hit. I got 3 from 2 boxes, and they don’t even amount to the price of 1 box.

    How does that even happen?

  4. Sorry, I’m posting this twice. I pulled a Allen Ginter 2008 Evan Longoria Mini Bazooka RC card numbered 22/25? What does the price guide say??? Thanks,

  5. The price guide (Beckett) is worthless. Checking eBay, I don’t see any sales of this card. My educated guess is that you could get $30-$35 for it (based on seeing a Goudey mini #/34 selling for $27 recently). Actually, I’d probably be interested in buying it. Email me if you want to work out a deal.

  6. Thanks for the info. I’m probably going to sell this on ebay when the playoffs start. I’m hoping that it will sell for more then 30-35 though. I’ll send you the link when I post it.

    Thanks again

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