Going crazy for Goudey

July 28, 2008 at 3:07 pm | Posted in My Cards, Upper Deck | 5 Comments

I was going to wait a few days before mentioning this, but now that I see Wax Heaven and Cardboard Mania posting about the release of 2008 Goudey, I can’t hold back any longer. As you may have read before, 2007 Goudey was the set that brought me back to the baseball card hobby. If it wasn’t for Goudey, then I still wouldn’t have opened a new pack of cards since 1994, I wouldn’t have become an avid reader of Wax Heaven and other card blogs, and Fielder’s Choice Baseball Card Blog would definitely not exist. So needless to say, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of 2008 Goudey for several months.

Since I bought my two boxes of 2007 Goudey in February, I have been thinking about buying a case of some product. I have never bought a case before and it seemed like it would be a lot of fun to open a whole case at least once in my life. I decided that if I was going to buy a case, 2008 Goudey would be the perfect product. I already know that I like the base set, and I’d like to collect a full set of the mini (original sized) Goudey cards and the short prints. It would also be great to get a full case worth of autograph cards, a Sports Royalty autograph, a buyback card, and if I’m really lucky, maybe even a cut autograph.

So this weekend, I took the plunge and bought a case. I financed it with a new eBay Master Card with no interest until 2009, which makes it much more affordable. The case has already been shipped and I should have it within a few days. I can’t wait!

Of course, I plan to share the excitement of busting the case with my readers, so look for a bunch of posts about Goudey over the next couple of weeks. I should have a ton of doubles, and I’m working on plans to give some away in contests and offer some unique trade proposals to the readers of this blog.


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  1. Wow, that’s crazy. I was gonna buy a case of Finest and then my damn car got stolen.

    Let me know if you wanna sell any boxes like Cards in the Attic is doing.

  2. that’s odd, I was gonna buy a damn car and then my case of Finest got stolen…small world…(the above sentence was a joke. You can laugh now…)

    That’s crazy, Dave! My wife rolls her eyes when i buy packs, fusses at me when I buy blasters, and threatens me when I buy hobby…

    She’d probably take one of my fingers mafia style if I bought a case…

  3. JV, my wife got something expensive that she wanted, so now I get to splurge a little. Getting six months to pay for it with no interest was a key. And it’s a one-time deal, probably the only case I’ll ever buy.

  4. A case would be very fun to bust, indeed. Even though Goudey isn’t my favorite product, I’m very much looking forward to seeing make you way through it.

  5. Anxious to see what cards you get.

    Just out of curiosity, what did it set you back. I’m contemplating either a case of 08 topps update or ud series 2.

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