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July 29, 2008 at 12:58 am | Posted in Razor | 3 Comments

I first blogged about Razor Entertainment Group a couple of weeks ago when they signed the #1 overall pick in this year’s MLB draft, Tim Beckham of the Rays, to an exclusive contract to produce his cards until he reaches the major leagues. Since then I’ve visited Razor’s web site many times, and each time I check it out, I see that they have signed even more high draft picks to similar contracts. As of today, they have 13 draft picks signed:

  • 7 first round picks: Tim Beckham (Rays), Kyle Skipworth (Marlins), Jemile Weeks (A’s), Aaron Hicks (Twins), Ethan Martin (Dodgers), Reese Havens (Mets), and Casey Kelly (Red Sox).
  • 2 sandwich round picks: Jordan Lyles (Astros) and Brett DeVall (Braves).
  • 2 second round picks: Destin Hood (Nationals) and Derrik Gibson (Red Sox).
  • 2 third round picks: Stephen Fife (Red Sox) and David Adams (Yankees).

I am confident in predicting that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many first round picks will not sign with the teams who drafted them until the signing deadline of August 15. I expect that we’ll hear about many other big-name players signing with Razor between now and then.

Razor seems to be poised to make a big impact on the hobby when they release their draft pick card set later this year. It is great to see a new company being so aggressive in making these deals. With the amount of money that they are investing, I am hopeful that we’ll see a high quality product.

So where does this leave Donruss-Playoff? With so many top draft picks not available to them, I’d be very surprised if they produce a follow-up to last year’s Elite Extra Edition set. It might be a very long time before we see another baseball card from them.

And where does this leave Bowman? This year’s Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects and Bowman Sterling releases will be significantly less interesting.

Now, if Razor would just sign this guy …



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  1. I am thinking that Razor is going to take the place of Just Minors. It will be interesting to see if they can go toe to toe with TriStar. In the world of minor league cards, Just is the Topps, while Tristar is Upper Deck.

  2. The difference between Just and these guys is that Just never had exclusive contracts – thats the way it should be.

  3. The difference is that because of the exclusive contracts, people are going to *want* these cards. No one (at least no one that I know) wanted to collect Just Minors when they could get cards of the same players from Bowman sets. And that means good business for Razor.

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