Obama vs. McCain: Battle of the Baseball Cards

July 30, 2008 at 1:36 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps | Leave a comment

One of the most interesting developments in the baseball card hobby this year has been the inclusion of cards featuring Presidential candidates in both Topps and Upper Deck. I’ll admit it, I was very intrigued when I first heard about the candidate cards that were inserted into Topps Series 1 and Upper Deck Series 1 early in the year, and I went to eBay right away to buy the cards of my favorite candidate. It’s really a good idea by the card companies. The cards created a lot of publicity, and what political junkie wouldn’t want to own baseball cards of their chosen candidate? It’s possible that that these cards could be the bait that lures them into the baseball card hobby.

Anyway, I put the cards of my candidate on a shelf and hadn’t thought much about them for a few months until I noticed something interesting when I started buying eTopps cards a few weeks ago. I found out that there are “Allen & Ginter Presidential Candidate” cards of Barack Obama and John McCain on eTopps, and they look pretty cool:

Each card is limited to 999 copies. I didn’t wait long before buying the Allen & Ginter eTopps card of my favorite candidate on eBay. I’ve had that card in my eTopps portfolio for a few weeks now. I checked the value today and saw that it had gone up since I bought it. eTopps calculates the value of a card by averaging the final selling price of the last 10 eBay auctions for that card. I also checked the value of the card of the other candidate. I was expecting that there would be a difference in the value, but I was surprised at how big the difference was:

  • Barack Obama: $43.74
  • John McCain: $18.67

I checked eBay too, and I found that Obama’s Topps and Upper Deck cards have also been selling for more than McCain’s cards. Based on this, it certainly looks like a lot more card collectors are supporters of Obama than McCain. Or perhaps, people think that Obama is much more likely to win the election than McCain, so they consider his cards to be a better investment. After all, the cards of whoever wins the election should be worth a lot more in the long run than the cards of the loser.

Whatever the reason might be, the fact that Barack Obama’s cards are selling for more money than John McCain’s cards can only be a good sign for Obama’s chances of winning the Presidency this fall.


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