Sneak peek at the new Stadium Club

July 30, 2008 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Topps | 4 Comments

I found the first example of what the new Stadium Club cards will look like:

The borderless design of the card is reminiscent of the early 1990s Stadium Club sets and I like it. Johnny Cueto sets a new standard for lousy “signatures” though, doesn’t he?


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  1. Ugh. Can’t we just have nice card stock and photography and cut out all the gimmicks. The design is VERY similar to some of the final sets (I have a pack of 2002 in front of me and it’s a little short of deja vu but close enough). I hope it’s not a lazy effort from Topps but it’s looking like it might be that way.

    BTW, I actually like the Cueto autograph (is it a mock up?). It’s not clean but at least it can be read and it’s not a random squiggle like a lot of today’s sigs are.

  2. Cueto’s autograph looks like it was done by someone twice my age… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I couldn’t really afford Stadium Club packs in the early 90s, either, so I guess that much hasn’t changed.

  3. I do like the no border look, but I can’t say I’ll be dropping a lot (if any money) on this set when Upper Deck’s base cards (at least in 2008) look just as good as a Topps “high end” product.

    I do like Cueto’s autograph though. I showed it to my wife when I pulled his Topps rookie card and her reaction was “Did he get a 6 year old to sign for him?” She then comended him for having a signature that any one can read, and thought that Mr. Cueto should share this skill with many doctors across America.

  4. I have Cueto’s Topps Chrome Autograph, and it’s completely different than this. It’s in really small cursive writing, and you can mostly just see the J and C. Weird. I guess he decided to change the way he signs.

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