2008 Goudey – first two boxes

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I’m sure that everyone has been sitting at the edge of their seats after my post yesterday when the case of 2008 Goudey arrived. Sarcasm fully intended. I’ve opened two boxes so far, but I was too tired to post about them last night after I got home from celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’m still a little tired, so I’m going to refrain from scanning any cards tonight and just share the box break results via text.

First, here’s a breakdown of the set itself. It includes the following:

  • 200 base cards. They are the size of standard cards this year, rather than the size of the original 1930s Goudey cards like last year’s set. All have green backs. The base cards consist mostly of current stars and some retired legends. You can expect to get 116 base cards per hobby box.
  • 30 short print cards (201-230). These cards feature retired legends. They have black backs. I’ve gotten three in each hobby box so far.
  • 20 President cards (231-250). Not sure why Upper Deck didn’t go all out and make cards of all 43 Presidents. Anyway, the cards have black backs. Based on my results, you can expect 1-2 President per hobby box.
  • 20 cards based on the 1936 Goudey Black & White set (251-270). Green backs. Two per hobby box.
  • 60 Sport Royalty cards (271-330). These cards feature some retired baseball players and athletes from other sports, including many from popular Summer Olympic sports. It looks like cards 271-300 have black backs and 301-330 have green backs. You should get 3-4 per box.
  • Berk Ross Hit Parade of Champions inserts (30 cards). These are even smaller than the mini’s and feature baseball, football, basketball, and hockey players. Two per hobby box.
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy insert cards. You know about these by now; they’ve been included in every Upper Deck product this year. Expect to add five of these to your collection from every hobby box that you buy.
  • Red back mini cards (1-330). These are parallels of the regular cards and are the size of the original 1930s Goudey cards and 2007 Goudey. I really like these and I’d love to collect a full set, but it’s tough with only six per hobby box.
  • Blue back mini cards (1-330). You get two per hobby box, meaning that it’s three times more difficult to build a set of blue backs.
  • Green back and black back mini cards (1-330). The green backs are #/88 and the black backs are #/34. In my first box, I got two green backs. In my second box, I got one green back and one black back. It’s nice to get cards that are so limited, but there’s nothing really special about them other than the presence of serial numbers. But Joe Collector would love them.
  • One memorabilia card per hobby box. There are a total of 82 in the set.
  • One Goudey Graphs on-card autograph per hobby box. There are a total of 60 in the set.
  • Case hits. I haven’t gotten any case hits in my first two boxes, but there should be a Sport Royalty autograph card and an original Goudey buyback card in one of the boxes in the case. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a cut autograph card too, but I’m not sure what the odds are for that.

So now that you know what to expect from a box, here are my results…

Box 1:

  • 116 base cards.
  • Short prints of Robin Yount (#214), Roger Clemens (#222), and Bob Gibson (#228).
  • President cards of Andrew Jackson (#235) and John Adams (#242).
  • 1936 Black & White cards of Jose Reyes (#262) and Vladimir Guerrero (#270).
  • Sport Royalty cards of Brett Favre (#275), Emmitt Smith (#289), Julie Foudy (#296), and Bob Gibson (#318). Julie Foudy rhymes with Goudey. Ha.
  • Berk Ross inserts of Don Mattingly! (HPC-2) and Yogi Berra (HPC-20).
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts of Babe Ruth (800), Joe Gordon (1354), Spud Chandler (1402), Sparky Lyle (3945), and Tommy John (4528).
  • Red back mini cards of Bo Jackson (#212), Tony Gwynn (#226), President Rutherford B. Hayes (#247), Alex Rodriguez Black & White (#252), Andre Dawson Sport Royalty (#286), and Gary Hall Jr. Sport Royalty (#292). All are short prints. Cool.
  • Blue back mini cards of Roger Clemens (#222) and Jackie Joyner-Kersee Sport Royalty (#297). More short prints. Sweet.
  • Green back mini cards of John Smoltz (59/88), and Gaylord Perry (44/88).
  • Magglio Ordonez jersey card (M-OR).
  • Nick Swisher autographed card. I’ll definitely scan this one. Swisher’s signature looks like the alien writing that was on the U.F.O. that crashed at Roswell. Also, he’s in an A’s uniform even though his base card is with the White Sox. Upper Deck must have had him sign the cards before they had a picture of him in a White Sox uniform.

Box 2:

  • 116 base cards. I got Evan Longoria (#200) in this box so I’m happy.
  • Short prints of Carlton Fisk (#205), Bo Jackson (#212), and Dave Winfield (#219).
  • President card of James Madison (#233). He looks pissed in his picture. I’ll scan this one.
  • 1936 Black & White cards of Alex Rodriguez (#252) and C.C. Sabathia (#254).
  • Sport Royalty cards of Mike Schmidt (#280), Dan O’Brien (#287), and Jenny Thompson (#306).
  • Berk Ross inserts of Magic Johnson (HPC-18), and Wayne Gretzky (HPC-30).
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts of Bill Dickey (628), Red Ruffing (678), Babe Ruth (703), Reggie Jackson (4462), and Derek Jeter (6073).
  • Red back mini cards of Victor Martinez (#61), J.R. Towles (#85), Luke Hochevar (#87), Glen Perkins (#113), Catfish Hunter (#137), and Ichiro (#165).
  • Blue back mini cards of Luke Hochevar (#87) and Ichiro (#165). So I get two mini cards of both of these guys in the same box. Interesting collation, Upper Deck.
  • Green back mini card of Richie Ashburn (77/88), and Black back mini card of Richie Ashburn (10/34). Yep, two Richie Ashburns. That’s great for Phillies fans, I suppose, but for the rest of us, it would be a little more fun to get some different players here.
  • Lance Berkman jersey card (M-LB).
  • Billy Buckner autographed card. No, not the Bill Buckner who starred in the 1986 World Series. It’s the guy who used to pitch for the Royals and is now with the Diamondbacks. But he’s in a Royals uniform on the card. Definitely not one of the more highly coveted autographed cards in the set.


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  1. Sweet use of detail…for example, about Swisher’s card…it’s neat reading about the box instead of seeing photos. Different in a good way.

  2. Cool, I’m debating whether to get a box of this or go full steam ahead with A&G. I’ll be watching these breaks closely…

  3. Don’t get lazy and post some scans!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, Patricia!

    dayf, you can’t go wrong with either product. I think that A&G and Goudey might be my two favorite products of the year, and they happen to release within a week of each other. For me, A&G is fun to open because you never know who or what you’re going to find in a pack, with all of the non-sports cards that are included. Goudey has more of a baseball feel to it, although you do get other types of athletes in the Sport Royalty cards. I think that one reason I like Goudey so much is that I used to have a bunch of 1933 Goudey reprints when I was a kid, so the card design is ingrained in my head. Seeing current players on the old 1933 and 1934 card designs is a thrill for me. I never even knew what Allen & Ginter was until 2008, so I don’t have the same type of nostalgia for it.

    Mario, I’ll get un-lazy and post some scans tonight 🙂

  5. I’m really glad I came back and reread this post. I didn’t realize the President’s weren’t all in the series. I pulled 4 of them yesterday and was planning on collecting them all… Not now. Thanks!!

    The thing I like most about ’08 Goudey is the retired player selection. Catfish Hunter? Bucky Dent? Paul Molitor? I loved pulling cards of players like this with new designs. I’m glad I didn’t read the checklist prior.

    I would have rather pulled the Molitor Base than any of the Sports Royalty Autos!

  6. Hi: I am looking for Ashburn cards all types, black back, blue back, mini green, taupe back etc. in the 2008 Goudey set. Please contact me at fjpgr@aol.com. Thanks.

  7. Hi, I am not sure about all of this card info. and was wondering what the difference is between green back cards and if I have one in black and red??? can anyone help? Thanks

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