Goudey scans

August 2, 2008 at 12:47 am | Posted in My Cards, Upper Deck | 6 Comments

I’m about to open my third box of 2008 Goudey, but before I do that, I want to tie up some loose ends from the first two boxes.

First, I wanted to mention that after two boxes, I have 175 of the 200 base cards, so I need 25 more for a complete base set. So, If you’re just looking to complete a set of base cards, two hobby boxes should be sufficient and then you can buy or trade for the extra 25 or so cards that you need.

Second, here are some scans.

Let’s start with my favorite base card, Evan Longoria. Do you notice the error? Jeter’s picture is on the bottom with “Ken Griffey Jr. says …”:

Derek Jeter with “Ken Griffey Jr. says …”:

Ken Griffey Jr. with “Derek Jeter says …”:

Back of Prince Fielder’s card. I include this to show what the backs look like. Since the cards are bigger this year, they have room for stats, which is a plus. See, Allen & Ginter, it is possible to use real numbers for the stats on retro cards:

Nick Swisher base card with the White Sox:

Nick Swisher autographed card with the A’s. Notice his “alien” signature. And does he even look like the same guy?:

Billy Buckner autographed card. Imagine growing up with that name and playing baseball. How many people do you think have asked him if the other Bill Buckner is his dad? They’re not related. I wonder if he gets death threats from Red Sox Nation too:

And finally President James Madison showing a look of anger like the ones that Carl Winslow used to give Steve Urkel when he would break something:



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  1. Wow, your James Madison looks even worse than my Andrew Johnson…

  2. That Urkel… he was such a rascal

  3. Wow…for a moment there you almost made me like the Jeter/Griffeys. Thanks for giving those things an interesting twist.

  4. PS In addition to the error aspect of the Longoria card, that is a pretty cool picture. Even his smile looks retro.

  5. What is the Longoria card worth?

  6. Ben, it sells for about $1 (before shipping) on eBay.

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