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August 7, 2008 at 12:25 am | Posted in Baseball, My Cards, Topps | 4 Comments

One month ago, I mentioned that I narrowly missed out on winning an eBay auction for a 2006 Topps Co-Signers dual autographed card of Prince and Cecil Fielder.  I had to wait a few weeks after that before the card turned up on eBay again, but when it finally did, I was able to win it with a snipe in the closing seconds using Gixen.  The card arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and here it is:

What an awesome looking card!  Although many collectors and bloggers deride Topps for relying on so many sticker autographs, I think that this is a prime example of the great job that Topps often does with its sticker autographs.

Many fans (including me until recently) don’t realize that Prince Fielder isn’t on speaking terms with his father due to several family and monetary issues.  Despite that, it’s amazing how similar they are as players.  Both are power-hitting first basemen and team leaders who have battled weight issues and struggled defensively, which is ironic with their last name.

I hereby dub this card the official card of Fielder’s Choice Baseball Card Blog since it features both of the players who inspired the blog’s name.  I may use it as part of a redesigned logo for the blog sometime soon.

And speaking of Prince Fielder, I’m sure that you’ve seen his shove of teammate Manny Parra many times on Sports Center and Baseball Tonight by now.  It looks like the incident might have been just what the Brewers needed to break out of their slump.  They’ve won two in a row since then.

I’m rooting for a Rays vs. Brewers World Series!



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  1. Facing the Reds is the perfect remedy for any slumping team.

  2. Agree Fielder has turned a corner. What a lovely card!

  3. That is a lovely card. I very much enjoy the 06 Co-Signers, because they embeded the stickers.

    However, I do not really agree with using the sniping programs. This could be due to the fact that I’ve been sniped more times than I care to count. I guess the thing that really surprises me, is that eBay hasn’t figured out a way to defeat these programs. It doesn’t really bother me if someone is willing to bid more than me for a card, it just seems as though these programs would make shill bidding that much easier.

    Of course it’s entirely possible that I’m just talkin out of my a$$ as well.

  4. I hear you, Charlie. I lost many auctions to snipers in the past, and then I realized that it was in my best interests to become a sniper myself. It’s within the rules, so I might as well take advantage of it. As a result, I’m winning items that I want and not losing them in the last seconds. Also, I’m getting things cheaper by avoiding bidding wars. I’d recommend trying it, as long as the ethics of it won’t keep you up at night…

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