Goudey box breaks 11 and 12

August 20, 2008 at 1:57 am | Posted in My Cards, Upper Deck | 7 Comments

Alllllrighty then … it’s time to finish up the posts on my 2008 Goudey case break. When we left off, I had broken the first 10 boxes. I had completed way too many sets of the base cards (1-200). I had collected 72 out of the 130 short prints (comprised of regular short prints, President cards, 1936 Black & White cards, and Sport Royalty cards), 15 out of 30 Berk Ross Hit Parade of Champions inserts, 46 (out of 6661!) Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, 53 red back mini cards, 22 blue back mini cards, 9 green back mini cards (#/88), 5 black back mini cards (#/34), 2 taupe back mini cards (#/8), 9 jersey cards, 1 bat card, 8 regular autographs, 2 Sport Royalty autographs (supposed to be one per case), one Yankee Stadium Legacy jersey card (one per case), and a partridge in a pear tree.

I’m still waiting for an original 1930s Goudey buyback card and if God really loves me (or if my case got mixed up with the one that Upper Deck meant to send to their buddies at Beckett), there might be a cut autograph waiting for me too. Are you ready to discover the joys hidden within the last two boxes? It really doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not … Derek Jeter says it’s time to get it started:

Box 11:

  • 117 base cards in this box. This is a nice looking set, but daaamn, once you’ve seen the same card for the 10th time, you kinda get sick of it. I have enough Andrew Miller cards now that Mario from Wax Heaven could fill up his bath tub and bathe in them!
  • Short prints of Al Kaline (#211), Steve Carlton (#225), and Willie McCovey (#227). Sweet! I needed all of these cards. My grand total of the short prints is now 22 out of 30. I have to tell you that Steve Carlton is one of my favorite players of all time. I can’t wait until time travel is invented so that I can go back to 1972 and watch him pitch. The dude won 27 games for the Phillies that year. His entire team won 59! And check this out – he completed 30 out of his 41 starts and pitched 346 1/3 innings with 310 strikeouts! His ERA was 1.98. In his career, he won 329 games, had 4136 strikeouts, and won 4 Cy Young Awards. And his cards are dirt cheap compared to guys like Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan.
  • President card of James K. Polk (#246). Yes! James K. Polk! The man who’s on everyone’s short list of all-time greatest Presidents! But he was born in North Carolina, so he has that going for him. Anyway, there’s only one President card in this box but it’s one I need. Up to 13 out of the 20 Presidents now.
  • 1936 Black & White cards of Chase Utley (#255) and Ichiro (#260). Utley is sporting a slicked back haircut reminiscent of the sleazy Benjamin from Wayne’s World. I hope he doesn’t steal my wife and sign her to a record contract. And I think A-Rod should introduce Ichiro to Madonna. They’d really hit it off with their common dislike of last names. I needed both of these, bringing me up to 16 out of the 20 Black & White cards. Good box so far.
  • Sport Royalty cards of Albert Pujols (#272), Tom Seaver (#274), Magic Johnson (#299), and Michael Johnson (#316). Does Magic Johnson still have AIDS? That’s a serious question. You never hear about it anymore, and he seems to be in good health. The good luck with the box continues since I needed all 4. I’m now up to 31 out of the 60 Sport Royalty cards.
  • Berk Ross inserts of Derek Jeter (HPC-8), and Kobe Bryant (HPC-14). Both are doubles for me. My good luck takes a break. I still have 15 out of the 30.
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts of Babe Ruth (558), Joe McCarthy (750), Johnny Mize (2149), and Roy White (3851). Johnny Mize is trying to eat his bat. Johnny was trying to decrease the supply of his future game-used bat cards to make them more valuable. 50 of these so far in the case.
  • Red back mini cards of Kevin Youkilis (#30), Billy Williams (#32), Miguel Tejada (#82), Joe Mauer (#110), Matt Cain (#160), and Orlando Cepeda (#162). Mauer and Cepeda are doubles. I’m up to 57 out of the 330.
  • Blue back mini cards of Freddy Sanchez (#147) and Ryan Church (#199). I’m up to 24 out of 330.
  • Green back mini cards of Billy Wagner (84/88), and Jimmy Rollins (17/88).
  • Chipper Jones jersey card (M-CJ). Somewhere in the Peach State, Cardboard Junkie is salivating. He and I definitely need to work out a trade sometime. I just hope he survives that attack from Russia…
  • Sport Royalty autographed card of track and field star Sanya Richards. I’ve never heard of her, but apparently she’s competing in the current Olympics. So this is now the third Sport Royalty autograph in the case. There’s only supposed to be one per case “on average”. I wonder if I really beat the odds or if there really are three in every case. The others were Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Dan O’Brien. None are selling for above $20 on eBay. Even during the Olympics. So even though I got three, there’s not much to get excited about.
  • No buyback card, so it must be in Box 12, right?

Box 12:

  • 117 base cards in this box. This is a nice looking set, but daaamn, once you’ve seen the same card for the 10th time, you kinda get sick of it. I have enough Andrew Miller cards now that both Mario and Tatiana could bathe in them together!
  • Short prints of Fred Lynn (#206) and Willie McCovey (#227). I needed Lynn but just got McCovey in the last box. Seriously though, Fred Lynn? Is he really worthy of inclusion with the all-time greats here? I think not. Upper Deck is pandering to the Red Sox Bandwagnation. My grand total of the short prints in the case is 23 out of 30. I have 10 doubles to trade for the ones that I need.
  • President card of James Monroe (#234) and Calvin Coolidge (#241). I needed Coolidge but not Monroe. So the case yielded 14 out of the 20 Presidents with 6 doubles to trade.
  • 1936 Black & White cards of “Benjamin” Utley (#255) and Johan Santana (#262). Both are doubles. The final count is 16 out of the 20 Black & White cards with 8 doubles to trade.
  • Sport Royalty cards of Tom Seaver (#274), Julius Erving (#288), Magic Johnson (#299), and Kerri Strug (#310). I’ll bet that “Dr. J” cured Magic of AIDS. I mean, he is a doctor and all. I only needed Erving and Strug here. Final tally is 33 out of the 60 Sport Royalty cards and 12 doubles. I have 23 of the 30 cards numbered 271-300 (and 9 doubles), and 10 of the 30 cards numbered 301-330 (and 3 doubles). So you can see that the cards numbered 301-330 are only found about once per box. They also have green backs, while 271-300 have black backs.
  • I have a total of 86 out of the 130 overall short prints and 36 doubles. It shouldn’t be too hard to finish the set.
  • Berk Ross inserts of Yogi Berra (HPC-20) and Tom Brady (HPC-29). Both are doubles for me. Final count is 15 out of the 30 with 9 doubles to trade.
  • Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts of Waite Hoyt (207), Tony Lazzeri (318), Lou Gehrig (590), and “Old Reliable” Tommy Henrich (1472). I’ve always loved that nickname for Henrich. It makes me want to be friends with him. Final count is 54 out of 6661 in the case! If I bust about 123 more cases (or about 1500 boxes), I could get the whole set!
  • Red back mini cards of Melvin Mora (#16), Eddie Murray (#18), Paul Konerko (#42), Billy Wagner (#120), Alex Rodriguez (#122), and Scott Rolen (#172). Awesome; I needed all 6! By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Melvin Mora recently mutated into the best hitter in baseball. Grand total is 63 out of the 330 red back mini’s in the case. I have 45 of the 200 base cards, and 18 of the 130 short prints. I also have 8 doubles. My desire to build a full set of these was a major reason for buying the case. Seriously though, Upper Deck really should put more of these in each box and case. Having only about 1/5 of the mini’s after busting a case is ridiculous. I’ll still try to put together a full set somehow.
  • Blue back mini cards of Aramis Ramirez (#37) and Jimmy Rollins (#141). 26 out of 330 in the case. No doubles. 15 base cards and 11 short prints. I’m not going to try to build a set of these and I’ll probably use them as trade bait.
  • Green back mini card of Randy Johnson (69/88), and Black Back mini card of Jeff Francoeur (01/34). OMG! The first one made! It’s total Francoeur-Jo! It’d probably sell for a buck on eBay. So, in the case I got 12 green back mini cards (#/88), 6 black back mini cards (#/34), and 2 taupe back mini cards (#/8). I’ll probably use these as trade bait too. The Andre Dawson taupe back has already been sent to Charlie.
  • Mark Buehrle jersey card (M-MB). I cannot even begin to explain what a thrill it is to own a 1/2 inch of a jersey that was once worn by the legendary Mark Buehrle. I’m amazed that Upper Deck was able to obtain such an amazing artifact; I would have thought that all of his jerseys go directly to the Hall of Fame. Yes, my sarcastic talents are fully on display tonight…
  • Autographed card of John Maine. OK, so I got 12 autographs in the case. 9 regular autographs and 3 Sport Royalty. Jeff Francis is apparently a short print (less than 100 exist). His cards are in high demand in Caslan, Alberta. At least one person will get that reference. Anyway, let’s recap. Aaron Harang, Billy Buckner (the pitcher than no one cares about, not the star of the ’86 World Series), Brandon Phillips, Jeff Francis, John Maine, David Murphy, Nick Swisher, Steve Pearce, Vince Coleman, Dan O’Brien, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Sanya Richards. I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t hoping for better out of the case. Phillips is the biggest star, Swisher has the most interesting signature (like the alien writing on the ship that crashed at Roswell), and Coleman makes me question why Upper Deck would go out of their way to get a guy like him to sign. Jackie Joyner-Kersee was a huge star, so getting her autograph was pretty cool. And all of the autographs are on-card, “hard-signed” autographs. You know that I wouldn’t be doing my job as a card blogger if I didn’t extol the virtues of these over sticker autographs. Seriously though, I don’t mind stickers.
  • Original 1930s Goudey buyback card of … nobody. That’s right, no one-per-case buyback card in my case! This was a huge, huge disappointment for me. I know that the cards that they insert are in poor condition, and I wasn’t going to get a star player, but there’s just something about opening a pack and finding a card that’s 75 years old that would have been totally awesome. I remember seeing one pulled in a 2007 Goudey video box break and thinking about how great it would be to pull one of them. So I bought a case thinking that I’d guarantee that I’d get one, and a Sport Royalty autograph that would be worth a ton of money (I got three but their value isn’t even close to what I thought it would be), and a good start on filling out the set of short prints and red back mini’s. I did get what I expected out of the short prints and mini’s, but that’s it. If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t have bought the case.

Anyway, about the lack of a buyback card. I called Upper Deck customer service the day after I opened the last box. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but the guy on the phone was reasonably friendly and understanding. He told me to write a letter, and include the UPC code from the case, to their Quality Assurance department. They may not be able to send me a buyback card, but he told me that they’d send “something” to make up for me not getting a buyback card. I’ll let you know what happens with that. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? If so, let me know what your experience with the Quality Assurance department was like.



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  1. The Miller comment = creepy!

    Can you take a photo of all the relics and another one for all the autos?

  2. Once again, thanks for the amazing Dawson card!!

    As far as the cards you are short, I just got a box of Goudey last week. Post a wantlist, and I’ll see what I have for you.

    Now as far as UD customer service. In my experience, They blow the doors off of Topps! I pulled an EXPIRED one per case gift redemption from 2007 Elements Baseball, and they sent me 2 auto’d game used baseballs, and 3 boxes of product.

    If they don’t take care of you, I would consider it very strange and keep calling and emailing until they do.

  3. I second Charlie – I’ve bought a handful of Goudey and may be able to help you out with some of the oddballs you’re missing. Aside from pulling a Jeter, Mariano and a couple Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, I’ve been pretty deflated by what I’ve picked up. Then again, if it doesn’t have pinstripes or the name “Joe Mauer” on it, I probably wouldn’t be too excited anyway.

  4. Mario, yeah, those would be cool pictures. I’ll do that…

    Thanks for the trade offers, Charlie and Eric. I’ll post a list of what I need and what I have extras of in the next couple of days.

    Charlie, thanks for giving me a reason for optimism in the Upper Deck situation.

    Eric, you’ll have a full set of Yankees and Mauer from Goudey on their way to you soon. I still owe you from the last group of cards you sent to me.

  5. Hi, would you be willing to trade for the John Maine auto? Just want to know if that’s a possibility before starting negotiations. 🙂

  6. Hi Patricia, yes that is a possibility. Email me and let me know what auto’d cards you and Lucy would trade for it and maybe we can work something out.

  7. Oh yeah, I likey that Chipper. Once you have your want list for the short prints up I’ll see what I’ve got and they are yours.

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