My trip to Boston – part 2

September 10, 2008 at 2:43 am | Posted in Baseball, Personal | 3 Comments

Going to the Rays vs. Red Sox game at Fenway Park was not the only baseball experience that I had in Boston.  On Monday afternoon, my wife and I had about an hour of free time on our hands.  My wife suggested that we go for a walk.  I suggested that we take a walk around the campus of Boston University, which is close to my sister-in-law’s apartment where we were staying.  Why Boston University, she asked.  Many fans of baseball history would know why I wanted to go there.  Braves Field, which was the home of the Boston Braves from 1915-1952, was located on what is now Boston University’s campus.  Since I am a huge baseball history buff, I just had to go check it out…

When we got to the campus, I knew that I had to look for Nickerson Field, which used to be Boston University’s football stadium, and is now the field where their soccer and lacrosse teams play.  From reading about Braves Field on the internet, I knew that the seating area at Nickerson Field is actually the old right field bleachers from Braves Field.  It’s the only part of the stadium that’s left.  I also knew that the building that was the first base ticket office is still standing.

The old ticket office is the first thing that I saw.  It’s now the home of the Boston University police:

Around the corner from this building, I found the historical marker for Braves Field:

Here I am next to the marker.  I was a little worried that someone in Boston would violently attack me for daring to wear a Rays jersey around Boston (but no one did):

Here’s the old right field bleachers, taken from approximately where home plate was:

This picture was taken from the bleachers, of the area where home plate was:

Sadly, there is no marker that tells you exactly where home plate was.  That would have been a nice touch.  It seemed funny to see all of the college kids walking around, oblivious to the fact that they were in a place where so much baseball history had taken place.  This was where Babe Ruth finished his career, where Eddie Mathews started his career, where Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain pitched, and where the Boston fans prayed for rain when they weren’t pitching.  Three World Series and one All Star Game were played here before the Braves moved to Milwaukee.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Boston and you have some time to kill.  Now I want to see where Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds once stood the next time I’m in New York…

Finally, here’s a picture that I found of what Braves Field looked like in its glory days:

Stay tuned for Part 3, which is by far the best part – Fenway Park!


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  1. Absolutely loved this post.

  2. I always get a little jealous of people that get to visit places like this. But, as I get older I realize that it’s still great to get to live vicariously through it in things like this. Even though I wasn’t there, I’m closer now than I’ve ever been…

    Thanks for a great post as well as some great photos!

    I can’t wait to read the…rest of the story…

    Good Day!

  3. Great Post. Well done.

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