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September 10, 2008 at 2:04 am | Posted in Football | 1 Comment

This is really random, but when I mentioned the Tennessee Titans in the blog post that I just wrote, I started to think about the Houston Oilers, who moved to Tennessee and became the Titans in 1997.  Of course, whenever I think of the Oilers, I think about the greatest comeback in NFL history, when the Bills beat the Oilers in the AFC wildcard playoff game on January 3, 1993.  And that game reminds me of the very cheesy Houston Oilers fight song.  After the comeback game, a sports talk radio station in Buffalo started playing the Oilers song over and over again as a way of mocking the Oilers.  I remember recording the song on a cassette tape and listening to it many times.  It’s one of those things in life that’s so bad that it’s good.  Anyway, I just found the song on YouTube, and I listened to it for the first time in many, many years.  I’m posting it here in the hope that at least one person will listen to it and be as entertained by the wonderful awfulness of the song as I am!

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  1. I love when songs like this are written! It’s like the songwriter has no idea what a football game is and they had to ask someone for “key words” about the sport. Goal to goal, offense, defense, Super Bowl. I have a feeling that the writer had no idea what these things actually were.

    Also, considering the style, I’m pretty sure he was Amish.

    Hope I didn’t offend any Amish people with that one. Wait, what am I saying?!? Amish people don’t believe in electricity therefore they wouldn’t be here reading this.

    But, in the off chance that there is an Amish hypocrite in our midst, you guys make some unbelievably great bread! I would know. I bought some from Jacob Gingerich and Levi Yoder up in Pontotoc, Mississippi years ago.

    What were we talking about again?

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