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September 21, 2008 at 2:34 am | Posted in Hockey, My Cards, Topps, Upper Deck | 1 Comment

I haven’t bought many new cards recently, mostly due to a lack of interest in the releases that have come out over the last month or so.  But I was in Target today and decided to buy some packs of cards that looked interesting to me.  Here’s what I got and my opinions on each…

  • Two packs of Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces hockey cards.  These were the first packs of hockey cards that I’ve bought in about 15 years.  With hockey season starting soon, I’ve been tempted to buy some hockey cards, and I figured that Masterpieces would be a great set to try.  It’s the same concept as the baseball Masterpieces set, except that all of the cards are of retired players.  I think that makes sense because the set is really more appropriate for retired legends than current stars anyway.

    I’m definitely not disappointed with the cards.  The retail packs are priced at $2.99 for 4 cards.  They’re the same high quality as the baseball Masterpieces, and I got what are probably the two best cards in the set: The Great One and Super Mario:

    I’m not sure if I’ll decide to buy any hockey card sets that feature current players, but I might want to try to build a set of Masterpieces. And I’m definitely excited for the release of the 2008 baseball Masterpieces set at the end of this month.

  • Two packs of Upper Deck X baseball cards.  Yeah, I know that this set has been getting horrible reviews and is being ridiculed throughout the baseball card blogosphere.  I knew it would suck.  But the packs were really shiny and were only $1.99.  Plus, I knew that there’s an Evan Longoria card in the checklist and a Longoria autograph.  I figured I’d buy a couple of packs just to see the cards for myself.

    Well, everyone is pretty much right about these cards.  They do suck.  The base card design is boring and seems to be the result of an Upper Deck card designer’s unhealthy obsession with the letter X.  Maybe “X” was the “letter of the day” on Sesame Street one day and Upper Deck just went with it.  Or maybe they think it’s still the mid-1990s when any reference to “Generation X” was cool.  It’s a really bad concept and the cards feature pretty much all of the same 100 guys who have been in every Upper Deck release this year.  Here’s Manny’s base card.  I’m starting to like him a lot more now that he’s out of the American League:

    In each pack, you get 4 base cards, a die cut card, and an insert card.  The die cut cards are pretty lame.  They look like someone literally took a scissor and cut along the lines of the X on the regular cards.  On top of that, apparently they’re not all fully cut, as evidenced by this Carlos Beltran card.  Take a look at the top center and bottom center of the card to see what I mean:

    I did, however, like the insert cards.  They’re called X-Ponential, and there are apparently four varieties: X, X2, X3, and X4.  I got an X of Magglio Ordonez and a X2 of David Wright.  Here’s the Wright card:

    Upper Deck really should have made all of the cards like the inserts and canned the crappy base set.  I don’t think I’ll buy any more packs or boxes of this product, but I’ll try to acquire the Longoria cards on eBay or through trades.

  • Two packs of Bowman Chrome baseball cards.  Although I haven’t blogged about it yet, I did pick up a hobby box of Bowman Chrome when I stopped at Dave & Adam’s Card World (their actual store, not their web site) in Buffalo last week.  I like Bowman Chrome, but I really wish that I hadn’t bought any of the regular Bowman set earlier this year.  The Chrome checklist is almost identical to regular Bowman with a few additions and exclusions, and the Chrome cards look much, much better.  Not only are they on Chrome stock, but they have white borders instead of black.  In the hobby box, I got a typical assortment of Chrome cards, Chrome prospect cards, and refractors.  My hit was an Andrew Lambo autographed card.  JV from Treasure Never Buried got a redemption for this card a few weeks ago, but I got the actual card.  It turns out that Lambo is a pretty decent prospect.  Check out his numbers as a 19-year old in the full-season Single-A Midwest League this year.  Here’s the card:

    OK, back to the retail packs that I bought today.  While the hobby packs contain 4 cards, the retail packs contain only 3 cards for $2.99.  But I actually pulled something good.  Not great, but good.  I never pull anything good from retail (and rarely from hobby packs, for that matter).  I’m not lucky enough to pull a Jackie Kennedy hair card or the rare Hillary Clinton Upper Deck card, but I did get a blue refractor autograph #/150 of someone named David Kopp:

    Based on his stats, Kopp doesn’t appear to be much of a prospect, but hey, it’s more than I was expecting from a retail pack!  I guess the pack searchers hadn’t visited this Target yet.

    So Bowman Chrome is a cool product.  Next year I’ll skip regular Bowman altogether and just wait for Chrome to come out.


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  1. I agree about the Bowman vs Chrome issue. And as much as I loved the Topps Chrome set this year, the Bowman Refractors blow the Topps out of the water.

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