We’re going to the ALCS!!!

October 7, 2008 at 1:57 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays | 9 Comments

I didn’t get around to my planned box breaks tonight, due to celebrating the Rays’ 6-2 win over the Chicago White Sox to clinch their ALDS series.  That will probably happen tomorrow night.

Tonight I am simply reveling in another amazing chapter in this unbelievable season for the Tampa Bay Rays.   Best of all, they will face their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox, in the ALCS!  It is going to be an all-time classic series.  I predict that it will go to seven games, with the Rays winning Game 7 at the Trop.  I’ll have more to say about the series tomorrow…

Speaking of predictions, how about this one that I made on October 1:

Rays defeat White Sox, 3-1.
The White Sox will be disoriented playing in a sold-out dome filled with screaming fans.  The Sox will win Game 3 in Chicago with Danks on the mound, but the Rays will clinch in Game 4.

I know this team pretty well!

Tonight's winning pitcher, Andy Sonnanstine, at the center of the celebration

Tonight's winning pitcher, Andy Sonnanstine, at the center of the celebration

Me supporting the Rays at Fenway Park, 9/8/08

Me supporting the Rays at Fenway Park, 9/8/08

Bring on the Red Sox!



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  1. Congrats and beat up them Sox!

  2. Please Please beat the Sox. I had a dream the Yankees were playing the Cincinnati Reds and the Red Sox were playing somebody. It was a new postseason format to add “excitement” to the postseason. My interpretation was a ploy by MLB to get a Yankees – Red Sox World Series.

    Anyway, GO RAYS!

  3. Sorry, but the Sox are gonna slap the Rays around for taking the Division from them this year. That guy over your right shoulder in the picture of you at Fenway gives me the creeps.

  4. Do you want to make a card wager on the series, Joe?

    I think that guy might work for the Rays. He was sitting in the same area as President Matt Silverman and Dick Vitale.

  5. Congrats on the playoff series win. That’s awesome. This is going to be a great series.

  6. That’s a very appropriate picture from the Sox/Rays game. I guess it was an omen of things to come. I won’t be cheering for one team or another, but I will be rooting for a good series.

  7. Bailey, you should definitely root for the Rays. You can’t forget how the Red Sox beat your Giants in the 1912 World Series!

  8. That was a hard fought series. Your cards are on their way! Congrats to the Rays!

  9. Oh yea that’s right, those bastard red sox

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