ALCS Game 1: Opportunity Blown

October 11, 2008 at 12:12 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays | 8 Comments

The Rays should have won tonight.  They wasted an outstanding pitching performance from James Shields, which was every bit as good as Dice-K.  When your starting pitcher only gives up two runs and you’re at home, there’s no excuse for not winning.  Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria are most deserving of the blame for this loss.  They’re the guys that the Rays count on to drive in runs, and they failed to deliver every chance they had.

I’m not worried though.  It’s only one win for Boston in a best-of-seven series.  Tonight’s loss should motivate the Rays to turn it up a notch in Game 2 tomorrow night.  It’s Scott Kazmir’s time to shine!


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  1. In the playoffs, you gotta win the home games. Untimely hitting and the bullpen(I Know you like theirs better then the Sox) is gonna do them in. These youngsters have no idea what their in for when they come up to Fenway. Tomorrow’s game is a must win for the Devil Rays.

  2. I’m not sure where you’re getting this, Joe.

    1. Teams lose home games and win playoff series all the time. The Rays simply have to win at least one game in Boston now. They won more in Boston than the Pilgrims won at the Trop this year.

    2. What’s your problem with the Rays’ bullpen? They’ve given up a total of 1 run in 5 playoff games so far.

    3. The Rays played 9 games at Fenway this year, including 3 in September. They know what to expect more than any other team.

    4. It’s very important to win tonight’s game, but even if they don’t, the series is far from over.

  3. Dave, first of all stop feeding me regular season numbers. I know they won the division, but that means nothing now. A young team like the Rays needed to win the first game to prove they can beat Boston when it really matters. My comment about the bullpen stems from lack of a shut down pitcher. Yes, Balfour and Wheeler are good relievers, but you have no closer. They have no idea what they’re gonna be in for, coming into Fenway in the ALCS . If they lose tonight, they’re toast! I appoligize to Gabe Gross, for leaving him off my roster predictions. I can’t beleive they snubbed former AL ROY Hinske. I thought he put up decent numbers this year. I do agree that Upton is better than Ellsbury. My prediction was based on outfield vs. outfield. Not on a player by player basis. Good Luck Dave, I’m still putting together a second place package to send you in our bet.

  4. Joe, I guess I don’t understand why the Rays still need to “prove they can beat Boston when it really matters” when they’ve been doing that all year.

    I’d argue that the Rays have four shutdown pitchers in their bullpen: Wheeler (the closer), Balfour, Howell, and Bradford.

    They do know what they’re “in for” at Fenway better than any other team in baseball except the Yankees.

    If the Rays do lose tonight, I hope that the Red Sox agree with you that they’re “toast” and get overconfident.

    Hinske didn’t make the ALCS roster because Gross is better defensively and they wanted to carry an extra pitcher (Edwin Jackson).

    Anyway, I can’t wait til 8:07 tonight!

  5. Dave, you’re killing me. What has Tampa proven in the POST season? Yes, you beat, battered, and bruised us in the REGULAR season. I admit I know very little about Howell, but Bradford doesn’t impress me. You gotta admit, tonight is a must win game for the Rays. Gimme that much! Thanks for debating this shit with me. It’s nice to get a Rays fans’ perspective. I’ll tell you what, If the Rays do lose tonight and come back and win the series. I will buy you the 2008 baseball box of your choice (under 300 bucks). That’s how sure I am that the Rays won’t come back.

  6. Joe – Tampa Bay beat the White Sox in the post-season, which proved to me that the regular season wasn’t just a fairy tale, and at least on the pitching mound, they played well against Boston last night.

    I won’t say that it’s a must-win game, because then if the Rays lose, that would mean the series is over. I don’t think that’s the case. I won’t stop believing in this team until the last out. I’d think that a Red Sox fan would understand that after the 2004 ALCS!

    You’re tempting me though – maybe I should root for Boston tonight, because a new box of cards would be great! 🙂

  7. I’m cheering for them right now man, but it’s not looking too good.

  8. Rays are leading 8-6 in the top of the sixth. They so can do this!! 🙂

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