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October 13, 2008 at 3:08 am | Posted in Football, Personal | 1 Comment

If you were a Penn State fan or alumnus, and someone randomly came up to you and yelled out “We Are”, you would instinctively yell back “PENN STATE!” at the top of your lungs.  That’s just the way that we Penn Staters roll…

It’s pretty awesome when over 107,000 people are yelling it out at Beaver Stadium on football Saturdays.  One side of the stadium does the “We Are” and the other side answers with “PENN STATE!”  This goes on for about 10 rounds until one side yells out “Thank you” and the other side answers with “You’re welcome!”

By reading this blog, you might be under the mistaken impression that the Rays postseason run is the only incredibly awesome thing that’s going on in my life as a sports fan.  But that’s not the case!  My Nittany Lions are now 7-0, alone on top of the Big 10 standings, and #3 in both the coaches and media polls!

On Saturday night, Penn State had its biggest game of the year so far, on the road in Camp Randall Stadium against Wisconsin.  The sports scheduling gods decided to be cruel to all of the Penn State graduates who are also Tampa Bay Rays fans (all one of us!) by having the football game and the Rays playoff game both start at 8:00.  Although many Penn Staters will think that I had misplaced priorities, I decided to watch the Rays game live and record the Penn State game.  I made sure to instruct my friends and family members not to call me after the football game and reveal the outcome.

As you know by now, the Rays game didn’t end until 1:34 AM and I stayed tuned to watch some of the post-game interviews.  Then I had to take my wife up to bed, say good night to her, and explain why I needed to go back downstairs to watch the Penn State game.  In all honesty, I would not have been able to sleep without watching the game.  So I started watching the football game a little bit after 2:00 and finished it at 4:30.  What a night!

Penn State won it 48-7, dominating Wisconsin on offense, defense, and special teams.  This was a good Wisconsin team.  Consider that just a week earlier, Ohio State only beat them 20-17 in Madison.  And the week before that, Michigan needed to mount a huge comeback to beat Wisconsin 27-25 at the Big House.

With the win, along with a few big upsets, Penn State moved up to #3 in the polls, only behind Texas and Alabama.  This Penn State team is really, really good.  It’s easily the best team since I started going to school there.  Quarterback Daryll Clark, running back Evan Royster, and wide receiver Derrick Williams lead the offense, along with the best PSU offensive line that I’ve ever seen.  Aaron Maybin has emerged from obscurity to suddenly become the most dominant defensive end in the country, and he leads an outstanding defense that is filled with players who have prosperous NFL careers in front of them.

Next weekend is another huge game.  We play Michigan at home.  You might think that Michigan’s poor season thus far makes it an easy win for Penn State, but considering that Penn State has not beaten Michigan since I was a senior in high school in 1996, I know that it will not be easy.  Every single season, no matter how good Penn State might be or how bad MIchigan might be, the Wolverines find a way to beat us and seriously depress me.  I’m keeping my expectations low this year to avoid disappointment.  If we do find a way to beat Michigan, I’ll be on cloud nine!

The weekend after the Michigan game, Penn State plays Ohio State in Columbus in an even bigger matchup…

For some reason, my favorite sports teams have all decided to have unprecedentedly successful seasons at the same time.  I can only sit back, take it all in, and appreciate my good fortune.  Even my Buffalo Bills are in first place at 4-1, and my Carolina Hurricanes are off to a 2-0 start.

And little does my wife know, but I’m starting to plan a trip up to Pennsylvania for one of Penn State’s November home games…

Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark

Penn State quarterback Daryll Clark

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  1. I love that – staying up till 4 AM to watch a game on tape. that is true dedication.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the game and thankfully it wasn’t at all close. looking forward to next weekend already – of course have some business to attend to with the Phils in the interim.

    FYI I may have a PSU (non-football though) related post on one of the Phils off days this week. Will keep you posted.

    oh and Go Rays!

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