ALCS Game 5: Nothing to say…

October 17, 2008 at 12:25 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays | 11 Comments

Well, that was disgusting.  Really, this whole deal with the Red Sox coming back in the ALCS is old and stale at this point.  We’re going to Game 6 now, and I’m confident that the Rays can win at the Trop.



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  1. That was disgusting. And I was ready to present to you a little wager on a Rays / Phillies series. I am a lifelong Phils fan and will be flying in for Game 3 next Saturday (I live in Utah now). If the Rays end up winning this series with Boston, I will make you this little pack wager on the outcome of the Series. Deal?

  2. All I have to say is… HOLY CRAP!! WHAT THE @&#* WAS THAT??!!

    I’m almost speechless.

  3. Thanks for the offer Jawdy, but let’s wait til it’s over. There’s no way that I’m going to think about the Phillies until the last out of the ALCS.

  4. The Rays will take this series. There is no way that the Sox come all the way back from this one, especially with their vaunted starting pitching turning into trash against the Rays.

    My beloved boys in Dodger blue were eliminated, so I look forward dearly to when the Rays will crush the Ryan Howard’s Mendoza-line batting average out of the playoffs!

  5. Well, the Rays just need to do what the Yanks and Indians couldn’t. They need to stay the course and play their kind of game. They can’t push too hard like they did in game 1. The bullpen was way off, I specifically noticed that Wheeler’s pitches were high and the ump definitely wasn’t giving them strike calls. This is where Maddon is going to show his true worth. They have the lead and it’s in their grasp, he just needs to give them the extra push to get there.

  6. That hated JD Drew coming up w/ big hits too. I fell asleep at 7-6 with bad feelings. I am glad that there is a game Saturday night – should fit in nicely after the PSU Michigan game don’t you think.

  7. Peter – Wheeler was awful. Maddon should have put Howell or Bradford into the game to replace Balfour. They give up fewer home runs and are much more likely to get ground balls.

    deal – Game 6 of the ALCS was originally supposed to start at 4:00 – the same time as the PSU game, which would have been horrible. I’m glad they pushed it back. Should be an interesting day of sports on Saturday…

  8. Sorry, Dave. I hope the Rays don’t blow it like my Indians did last year.

  9. On a positive note, Kazmir had a good start and hopefully that will continue.

  10. Dave, I wish I could say I stayed up till 12:17 am watching this come back, but my alarm goes off at 5:30 am, so I was out cold in the 7th. when the Rays were kickin ass. I think the Sox are making a big mistake starting Beckett game 6. What are they saving Lester for? You gotta go with the hot hand.

  11. Joe – I hope you recorded the rest of the game, because the last couple of innings were pure gold for any Red Sox fan. The thing with Lester and Beckett is – they have to play Beckett in one of the games, so it might as well be Game 6. If the Red Sox win, they’re better off with Lester in Game 7.

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