ALCS Game 6: More disappointment

October 19, 2008 at 1:05 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays | 13 Comments

Obviously, I’m not very happy about the outcome of tonight’s game.  I still can’t believe that the Rays were up 7-0 in Game 5 and only needed 7 more outs to get to the World Series, and now here we are going to Game 7.

On the bright side, I am elated that my Penn State Nittany Lions crushed Michigan today, 46-17!  Just typing that brings a huge smile to my face!  This is the first time that we have beaten Michigan since I was still a high school senior in the fall of 1996.  So many times since then, Michigan has broken the hearts of Penn Staters.  They ended our undefeated seasons three times and ruined our national championship dreams four times.  No matter how great Penn State was playing and how badly Michigan was playing, they’d find a way to beat us every time.  That is now over and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Now it’s time to bring on Ohio State!

Back to the Rays – here are my thoughts:

  • TBS really, really sucks.  MLB needs to take away their postseason broadcast rights immediately.  The “technical difficulties” that prevented them from showing almost the entire first inning is simply inexcusable.  I’m also sick of Chip Caray’s cheerleading for the Red Sox and the same stupid repetitive commercials.
  • No matter what happens in Game 7, it’s important (for my sanity) to remember that this season has been far, far more successful than anyone could have imagined.  The Rays won 66 games last year and were the worst team in baseball.  Before the season started, I would have been thrilled with a .500 season.  Winning the A.L. East and making the playoffs was really beyond my wildest dreams.
  • The Rays really need to forget about everything that has happened in this series at this point.  Just play Game 7 with nothing to lose.  They need to remember that even if they lose, this season has been an unbelievable success.  And if they happen to win this one game, they get to go to the World Series.
  • Let’s go Matt Garza!  He’s been outstanding at home all season.  Let’s hope he can keep it up and pitch the Rays into the World Series!  And let’s hope that Jon Lester pitches just like he did in Game 3.
  • The worst thing about a win by Boston tomorrow, in my opinion, would be that the Rays’ A.L. East championship would become pretty meaningless.  It would be tough to celebrate the raising of the division championship flag at the Trop next year if the Rays can’t beat the team that they won the division from in the ALCS.
  • Does anyone think that the Phillies will have any chance in the World Series, no matter who they play?  I don’t.  They probably wouldn’t have even been a playoff team in the A.L., and they’ll have to deal with a week-long layoff before the World Series starts.  The Phillies’ biggest weakness, and what will kill them in the World Series, is that besides Cole Hamels, their starting pitching is something less than mediocre.
  • I watch the World Series every year, no matter who is playing.  But it will be really tough if Boston makes it.  I really won’t want to see their ugly faces (I’m thinking of you, Kevin Youkilis) any time soon.  And I always hate it when the same team plays in and wins the World Series year after year.  They’ve turned into the Yankees from the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Despite everything, the Rays are still one win away from the World Series.  If they forget about the pressure and play the game like they have nothing to lose, they can win this thing.  Let’s go Rays!


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  1. that really sucks. now you know how i feel when the giants lost game 6 of the world series while up 5-0 with 6 outs to go.

  2. Aww c’mon, like the Yankees of the late 90’s and early 2000’s? That hurt man, that hurt real bad. I hope the Rays win. I just can’t stand the Red Sox. But honestly, if the Rays became a dominant team and went to the World Series every year would you still feel the same way? Knowing that your team may turn back into a losing last place team, could you honestly not revel in your team’s success?

  3. Peter – if the Rays started going to the World Series every year, all of the bandwagon fans that they would have would really turn me off. It probably wouldn’t be as fun. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that though. With the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, and an up-and-coming Orioles team in the same division, it’s going to be very tough for the Rays just to make the playoffs again!

  4. Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave…..

    You are bashing the Phillies. While I agree that the layoff is long and probably detrimental, I am 100% POSITIVE that we will defeat the Rays in a World Series. No doubt. The pitching that you call mediocre was one of the best staffs in the NL this year AND the bullpen was THE best in the NL this year. It’s OK though…cause if the Rays do win tomorrow, you will be able to back it up with that pack wager I mentioned the other day. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Jawdy – I don’t mean to bash the Phillies – I’m just calling it like I see it. Believe me, if they’re playing the Red Sox, I’ll be rooting for the Phillies all the way. I do like a lot of their players and I love Citizens Bank Park. I just don’t think they’re as strong of a team. And if the Phillies play the Rays, I’ll be too biased to give a reasonable opinion on the series. I would be thrilled to take you up on your wager, but the Rays have to win a game first…

  6. It looks like being a Rays fan may be a little like being a Cubs fan. It’s going to be a great game tonight, I just hope we get to see all of it!

  7. Dave, the Phillies are going to surprise a lot of people in the World Series. I don’t know if you paid attention but no expert picked them in the NLCS, a little more than half picked them in the NLDS and everybody and their mother picked them to finish third in the division. Like Greg Dobbs says, the Phillies are a team of necessity.

    TBS was much much much better than FOX in their coverage of the LCS. At least you didn’t have to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver slobber over Manny all series and sound crushed when the Dodgers lost. I can’t tell you how many times we had to listen to the Manny Red Sox story.

  8. Game 7 tonight. This has been a Tale of Two Series. Hopefully, for me the current tale stays true!

  9. I feel your pain, Dave. I went through it last year. There is still hope, though. I’ll be pulling for you.

    As far as PSU v tOSU…I hope it’s a great game. It depends on which Buckeyes team shows up. If it’s last weeks team then the game will be close. If it’s the team that played Purdue, the Nittany Lions will kick our butts all over the field.

  10. Greg – you’re right – Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are absolutely unbearable. I’ve actually been planning a post about how horrible they are, but I’ve been putting it off until after the ALCS.

    Motherscratcher – thanks for the support. I can’t wait for the PSU vs. OSU game – it’ll be a big challenge but if we win, I think that we’ll see PSU in the national championship game.


  12. Thank you for eliminating the Red Sox!!!

  13. Congrats!!! What a great year and it keeps on getting better for the Rays!

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