Well that’s a coincidence…

October 21, 2008 at 11:27 pm | Posted in My Cards, Rays, Upper Deck | Leave a comment

In my post about my Evan Longoria collection yesterday, I mentioned two redemption cards for Evan Longoria autographs that I had redeemed.  I wasn’t expecting to receive either card at any time in the near future.

When I came home from work today and got the mail, I was surprised to see a package from 5909 Sea Otter Place in Carlsbad, CA, which I know is Upper Deck’s address.  What could it be?  I wasn’t expecting it to be my Evan Longoria SPx autograph card because when I checked Upper Deck’s web site a couple of weeks ago, I was told that the “athlete is committed to signing” but that I must “be patient”.  Could it be the winnings from one of the many NPN drawings that I’ve entered on Upper Deck’s web site?  Was Upper Deck trying to bribe me with free cards as they’ve been doing with other bloggers lately?  I considered this possibility and thought about how fun it would be to burn the cards on video if that was the case…

I opened the package immediately when I walked in the door, and there it was, my SPx Rookie Signatures card of Evan Longoria!

I redeemed this card in early July, so the wait wasn’t too bad.  On the other hand, I redeemed for my Topps Red Hot Rookie Longoria autograph on September 30, and according to the Topps web site, “the card is planned to be shipped 30 weeks from the date that the code was entered”.  That would be sometime in April 2009.  Great.  And I’m still waiting to get a Co-Signers dual autograph card of Jeff Francis and Jason Hirsh that I mailed to Topps in June…


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