It’s not over yet!

October 29, 2008 at 12:03 am | Posted in Baseball, Rays, World Series | 2 Comments

So my faith in the Rays has been fading since Game 3 of the World Series.  Let’s face it – Game 3, Game 4, and most of Game 5 have not been pretty.  It seemed like only a matter of time before the World Series would end with the Phillies celebrating and the Rays wondering what went wrong.  But the top of the 6th inning of Game 5 gives me new hope that it’s not over yet for the Rays – they could still win this thing!

Tonight I decided to download the song “Down and Out” by Tantric on iTunes.  It’s the song that plays at Tropicana Field when Evan Longoria comes to the plate.  I thought it would be a good song to play during future video box breaks.  It struck me how appropriate some of the lyrics are for the situation that the Rays are now in:

Just when you think that you’re down and out
Don’t preconceive what I’m all about
Look for a reason that you have to start…

And when you think that we played it out
We come from the bottom and knock it out
Look for a reason that you have to start…

And then there’s the quote from J.P. Howell after Game 1 of the ALCS:

We’ve been at our best this season when things looked worst.

J.P. was absolutely right.  There have been so many times during this magical season that it looked like all hope was lost for the Rays.  I remember when they fell below .500 toward the end of April with both Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza on the disabled list.  I told my friends “here we go again” and predicted another last place finish for the Rays.  I remember the 7-game losing streak right before the All Star break that knocked the Rays out of first place.  All of the experts thought that the Rays would fade away and that the path was cleared for the Red Sox and Yankees to take over the A.L. East again.  I remember early September when the Rays headed into Boston after getting swept in Toronto.  The Red Sox came within 1/2 game of first place.  Now that we were in the heat of the September pennant race, the Rays would surely fall back to earth.  And then there was the ALCS.  They blew the 7-run lead in the 7th inning of Game 5, and then lost Game 6.  It was a foregone conclusion that the Red Sox would win Game 7 and go back to the World Series…

But each time that it looked like all hope was lost for the Rays, they came back stronger than ever.  In a season filled with unbelievable and improbable successes, it’s fitting that the Rays are now stuck in a hotel in Delaware during the last week of October.  I imagine that they’re coming together as a team in that hotel, thinking about how, as bad as this series has been, all they have to do is win the final 3 1/2 innings of Game 5 in Philly, and then they can go back home to warm, dry Tropicana Field and just win 2 more games to become World Champions!

If the Rays do come back and win this thing, coming back against all odds would be the perfect ending to this season.  In a season where they’ve had to defeat adversity so many times, it’s only fitting that the final chapter would be the toughest obstacle of all!

My faith is now restored and I’m believing in this team again.  B.J. Upton’s valiant effort to score the tying run during the torrential downpour last night will turn out to be the turning point in this series.  The bad weather in Philly has allowed the Rays to pause the series, regroup, and refocus on the task at hand.  Watch out Phillies – it ain’t over yet!



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  1. I actually really like that Willie Aybar comes to bat to ‘Low’ by Flo Rida. That might just be me though, no one’s ever accused me of having good taste in music.

    I’m hoping for the Rays to pull it out tonight. I want them to win, but I’m also not quite ready for baseball to be done yet.

  2. Oh, they’ll pull it out tonight!

    In case anyone is interested, you can find a list of all of the Rays entrance songs here.

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