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I’m sorry for the lack of posts since the end of the World Series.  My mind has been occupied by the election for most of the last week.  This year’s Presidential election is definitely the most interesting and exciting election of my lifetime, with the potential to change this country dramatically for the better.  Writing about baseball cards seems pretty unimportant compared to the enormous significance of the election.

I’ve been fascinated by our country’s political process since I was a young kid.  Even before I was old enough to vote, I would pick the candidates that I wanted to win every national, state, and local race.  Ironically, when I was finally old enough to vote in my first Presidential election in 2000, I didn’t care much about it.  Both of the major candidates seemed flawed and I didn’t even make up my mind about who to vote for until a week or two before the election.  The country was on the right track, the economy was strong, and we weren’t involved in any international conflicts.  It didn’t seem like it even mattered who won the election.  Thankfully, I did finally make the right choice.  I now know that if the candidate that I voted for had won that year, our nation would be much better off today.  I’ve been a very enthusiastic voter ever since then.  I avidly follow the political news almost as much as I follow sports news.

I live in the state of North Carolina, and we have early voting here.  I voted this past Tuesday, October 28, for Barack Obama.  It felt amazingly good to cast my ballot for a candidate who I believe has the potential to be one of the greatest leaders in our country’s history.  I’m sure that some of you who are reading this are voting for Obama and others are voting for McCain.  I’m not here to tell you how to vote.  I’m just a guy who blogs about baseball cards.  But I do hope that everyone who reads this either has voted or will be voting for the candidate who they truly believe can lead the United States in the right direction.  Voting for our leaders is the most important duty of every citizen, and I strongly encourage you to fulfill that duty.  So, vote on Election Day if you haven’t already!

Watching the election results come in tomorrow night will be just as fun for me (and much more important) than watching the World Series or the Super Bowl.  It should be a historic night that I’ll remember for many years to come.

After the election, I’ll be back to posting on a regular basis.  I’ve already filmed three new box breaks of Bowman Chrome, Upper Deck Masterpieces, and Donruss Threads.  I’ll be uploading those to YouTube and posting the videos on the blog soon, along with my thoughts and reviews of each box.  For now I’ll just say that there was a huge surprise in the Masterpieces box, and I was extremely impressed by Donruss Threads.


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  1. i’m looking forward to those breaks!

  2. I also live in North Carolina, and waited in line for four hours on Saturday to vote for Barack Obama. It was so worth the wait.

  3. Dave, this comes off like Pearl Jam interrupting one of their concerts to start ranting about Bush, etc.

    Writing about baseball cards during any time of the year in reality is unimportant. We do it because we love to. It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is.

    I think everyone knows how important this election is and no amount of ‘GO VOTE’ post is going to remind anyone or sway a few voters who have decided not to vote.

    I am looking forward to your future busts. Actually, I can’t wait. Also, I think this time around your favorite actually has a chance to win, so congratulations! 🙂

  4. Mario – I could rant about Bush all day long, but this isn’t the place to do it. That’s why I tried to stay positive with what I said. I think it’s perfectly fine for people to write blog posts that aren’t related to baseball or cards, just like all of the good “pop culture” posts at Wax Heaven 🙂

  5. Thanks for getting up a get out and vote post. I waited 40 mins or so this AM to vote. I had the Sunday Sports Section with me, which had plenty of articles about the Phils triumph over the Rays that were fun to read – Just messin w/ ya.

    Looking fwd to that Masterpieces post. I haven’t gotten any this year but loved the set last year and am actually considering the hockey set this year.

  6. Looking forward to your box breaks videos. Here in Guilford county they had polls open on Saturday til 5 pm (Which is good cuz I arrived at around 12:30 when I thought it was closing at 1pm). I’m really bad about procrastinating (see above 12:30 arrival time) so I felt if I didn’t vote early (read: the last day it was available right before they were closing) I would’ve never have voted.

  7. Are you kidding–this is the most important baseball card day of the young century. Otherwise, how to remain sane? We’ve been fretting, dreaming, and freaking out about the election so much for so long that any card activity is a welcome and necessary venue for sanity. 🙂

  8. I’m looking forward to those box breaks and I’m glad to see that so many bloggers are getting out to vote.

    I find all the political posts today interesting.

  9. I’m just glad this is all over … for now. Who knows what lies in store for 2010 midterm elections as well as 2012.

  10. North Carolina went blue and you got rid of Dole after that horrible ad. Good Job, buddy. Lookng forward to the box breaks.

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