2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball Hobby Box Break

November 10, 2008 at 1:53 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps, Video | 4 Comments

My next video box break is now ready for your viewing pleasure – 2008 Bowman Chrome:

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  • 29 base cards
  • 35 prospect cards
  • 6 refractors
  • 1 Gold refractor (34/50) – Dontrelle Willis
  • 1 Autographed X-fractor (018/250) – Mark Melancon
Autographed X-fractor #018/250

Autographed X-fractor #018/250

Gold Refractor #34/50

Gold Refractor #34/50

Regular Refractor

Regular Refractor

It turns out that Mark Melancon is a pretty good prospect.  He’s a relief pitcher who is considered to be a possible successor to Mariano Rivera as the Yankees closer.  If that happens, then this card would skyrocket in value.  Currently, it looks like I could get about $20 for it on eBay.  You can check out his impressive minor league stats here.

As for Bowman Chome itself, it’s a set that I recommend for two reasons.  First, the card design is very attractive.  I didn’t like the black borders on the regular Bowman cards this year, but they look good in chrome with the white borders.  And I really like the refractors.  Second, it’s a good value for your money.  You can easily find hobby boxes of 2008 Bowman Chrome for under $50 on eBay.

The enjoyment that you get from Bowman Chrome is likely to be proportional to how much you like getting cards of prospects who haven’t yet reached the major leagues.  If you’re a fan of the minor leagues and a reader of Baseball America like I am, then you’ll probably really like it.  If you don’t care about players until they reach the majors, then you probably won’t.  But either way, you’ll get some cards that should be pretty desirable in a few years when at least some of the current prospects become star players.  And of course, you’ll get some nice-looking chrome cards of current major leaguers too.

When all is said and done, Bowman Chrome is probably going to be in the middle of the pack on my list of favorite 2008 baseball card sets.  It will rank far ahead of regular Bowman.  If I had been a smarter collector earlier this year, I would have avoided Bowman altogether and waited for Bowman Chrome.  That will definitely be my strategy in 2009.


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  1. I watched your video on YouTube last night and I didn’t realize that auto-fractor was Mark Melancon. I think I saw him warming up during the Scranton/Durham Championship game. I may even have a picture of him. We have high hopes for that kid, he’s supposed to have really good stuff. They’ve talked about him being a closer but I always thought of him as a premier relief pitcher. That card is pretty awesome. I may have to pick up a box of Bowmen.

  2. I like the look and feel of Bowman Chrome. I, too, may have to break out a box… 🙂

  3. For whatever reason (I think it’s the checklists) the autos from the regular Bowman issue seem to be worth a lot more. That’s why you can pick up a box of Chrome for 45 bucks. In years past, all of the top prospects (i.e. Joba, Lincecum, Upton) were featured in Chrome, and the boxes themselves retained their value. A box of 07 Chrome still sells for $100. 2006 Chrome – $150. Topps this year put all of the more highly touted prospects into regular Bowman. Guys like Price, Moustakas, Vitters, LaPorta, and Austin Jackson are all selling like crazy while most of the autos from Chrome are worth bupkis. I’m not sure why they did it that way this year, but I have yet to buy a box of Chrome. I have probably purchased about 12-14 packs however, and have yet to pull an auto 😦 I’m waiting for Draft Picks and Prospects, which will have the Chrome auto rookie logo cards for Longoria, Kershaw, Votto, and others who played this year. The boxes are pre-selling right now for $60. I think this may be the product for you Dave. 🙂

  4. Holy crap – Charlie is alive!!!

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