2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Hobby Box Break

November 11, 2008 at 10:26 pm | Posted in Donruss-Playoff, My Cards, Video | 7 Comments

These videos have actually been up on YouTube for a couple of days now, but I’m just now getting around to posting them on the blog.  I recently had the pleasure of opening a hobby box of 2008 Donruss Threads, and it was one of the most fun box breaks that I’ve ever done.  Here are the videos.  The second one is more exciting than the first due to there being only one hit in the first 12 packs and four hits in the next 12 packs.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  • 108 base cards (including 10 doubles) – this gives me 98 out of the 100 cards.  I’m only missing #33 (George Bush) and #90 (Angel Villalona).
  • 1 parallel card (090/100) – Kirk Gibson
  • 2 Diamond Kings – Jim Palmer, Bobby Doerr
  • 1 Diamond King parallel (165/250) – Phil Niekro
  • 2 Century Stars inserts – Dale Murphy, Paul Molitor
  • 1 Century Legends inserts – Carl Yastrzemski
  • 1 College Greats inserts – Dave Winfield
  • 2 Baseball Americana inserts – Eddie Murray (445/500), Karen Allen (456/500)
  • Reggie Jackson bat relic card (368/500)
  • Michael Hollimon autographed Diamond King (138/500)
  • Carlos Gonzalez autographed card (496/975)
  • Tyler Henson autographed card (900/999)
  • Alan Trammell autographed card (52/75)

This is one of my favorite sets of the year, and it’s a bargain for under $80.  The base cards look great.  I like the design with the baseball stitchings in the corners, and Donruss did a good job editing the photos to take out the MLB team logos.  On many of the cards, it’s hard to notice the editing.  The mix of legendary players and prospects makes it a fun set.  The prospect lineup is better than the prospect cards in this year’s Bowman and Bowman Chrome.  However, a larger base set than 100 cards would have been nice.  Buying one box gives you almost an entire base set, so it’s tough to do much “set building” and there’s less incentive to buy a second box.

The inserts and “hits” are what really sets Threads apart from most of this year’s sets.  There are Diamond Kings, which I’ve sorely missed since I returned to the hobby.  It’s too bad that Dick Perez is now under contract with Topps though.  The Century Stars and Century Legends inserts are very nice and will be great additions to collectors’ player collections.  And I love the College Greats inserts.  It is very cool to see a legend like Dave Winfield in his college uniform!  Finally, Baseball Americana is a nice crossover type of insert (from Donruss Americana).  They feature an interesting mix of baseball legends and stars that have ties to baseball.

As for hits, I was pleased to get a low-numbered autograph from a player who I believe will be in the Hall of Fame eventually, Alan Trammell, and a game-used relic from one of the greatest of all-time, Reggie Jackson.  Carlos Gonzalez is a very highly regarded prospect, and I’m glad to add an autograph from him to my collection.  Hollimon and Henson are only marginal prospects.  Time will tell if their cards will gain any value.  In my opinion, the overall quantity and quality of hits in this product is superior to what you can get in boxes of similarly priced cards from Topps and Upper Deck.

So, I am very impressed with this effort from Donruss.  I might even buy a box of Elite Extra Edition when it comes out later this year.  Donruss probably isn’t making any friends within MLB by continuing to produce baseball cards even without a license, but I really hope that they eventually will get their license back.  Not only is Donruss capable of making high quality sets, but I believe that adding a third company would push Topps and Upper Deck to improve their product lines.  It would be a great situation for collectors.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite cards from the box:











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  1. Dave – nice break. The box really picked up for you in the second half…unlike my Sixers who blew it AGAIN in the second half tonight. Anyway – the product – I am not going to buy any of this stuff this year because of the licensing thing. That Palmer just does not look right. It’s cool to have a Trammell auto, though. I just can’t get over the license thing…

  2. What a sweet Winfield card you pulled!!! Of the ‘hits’ pulled from this box, that card stands out to me as the best one. Great videos!!! Kepp ’em coming…

  3. I absolutely love this product. Although I must disagree about the base set — I think it’s fine at 100. There are too many base sets out there that require massive purchasing to complete (Heritage!). I also especially like the absence of short prints. Given the economy, it’s nice to be able to finish a set with just one box.

    What would’ve been nicer would be no prospects in this set. They could’ve easily dropped those 50 minor leaguers and added more retired stars and HOFers

  4. Jawdy – I think that Donruss not having a license is actually a good reason to buy this product. If it sells well enough, then that will give Donruss more motivation to pursue getting a license again.

    Freeandylaroche – You make some good points, but I like having the prospects in the set. Without them, Donruss wouldn’t be able to include as many hits as they do.

  5. This confuses me even more than I was before. Palmer and Jackson don’t have any logos on their unis, but Yaz and Trammell do. Why the inconsistency?

  6. wow thats crazy..i busted a box of this today, i missed the complete base set by 2…same cards you were missing…bush and angel..thats mad crazy! i got 5 hits also.

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