A huge surprise from The Nennth Inning!

November 20, 2008 at 2:31 am | Posted in Blogs, My Cards | 2 Comments

Last week, I got a comment from Bailey of The Nennth Inning blog that simply said “watch your mailbox dave, there is a surprise heading your way.”

I didn’t know what to expect, but sure enough, a package from Bailey showed up in my mailbox yesterday.  I had no idea that I’d find two absolutely amazing cards inside…

First, Bailey sent a 1/1 yellow printing plate of Cliff Floyd from 2006 Bowman Chrome:


This is only the second printing plate in my collection, and it’s definitely better than the first one, which is a Bob Wickman printing plate that I pulled from 2007 Allen & Ginter.  The Wickman printing plate is encased in a frame, so this is really the first time that I’ve gotten to touch a printing plate.  I didn’t even realize before now that they are metal.  Although Floyd is with the Mets on this card, I’ll always remember his leadership and contributions to the 2008 Rays.  He’s a free agent now, and he’s trying to decide if he wants to come back for one more season with the Rays or retire.

As if the printing plate wasn’t generous enough, Bailey really astonished me with the second card in the package, a blue-bordered Don Mattingly card from 2008 Masterpieces.  I was shocked when I looked at the back of the card and saw that it is numbered 2/5!


Here is the front of the card:


This card is now the lowest numbered Don Mattingly card in my collection of 1,055 different Mattingly cards!  I am very much in awe of this card, and I’m in awe of Bailey’s generosity in sending it to me.  He told me that he got it from a NPN submission on Upper Deck’s web site.  This goes to show that you can get great cards from NPN.  I promptly entered all of the NPN sweepstakes that I could after I heard this.

I’ve already thanked Bailey in an email, but this post is my public THANK YOU to him.  I already have some Tim Lincecum and a few other Giants cards that I’ll be sending to him, and he will be getting any Giants hits that I pull in the future!

Finally, I highly recommend checking out The Nennth Inning.  I’ve had it in my list of “Blogs I visit daily” for a while now, and I’ve been impressed by Bailey’s writing ever since he started the blog a few months ago.  His blog features some great commentary about cards and about his beloved San Francisco Giants, especially Tim Lincecum.  The Giants are an up-and-coming team who will win the N.L. West within a few years (just imagine a rotation that includes Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, and Alderson), and it’s great to get the perspective of a die-hard Giants fan.

One more thing – I’m going to try my hardest to document, either through writing or video, every trade and gift of cards that I receive from here on out.  I haven’t done this as much as I should have in the past.  Unfortunately I have all of the cards that I’ve received in the past integrated into my collection already, so I can’t go back and write about them.  But there will be more posts like this in the future.  And speaking of trading, I’m still working on the big update to my trading page, and it should be ready to be published within a few days.



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  1. I’m completely jealous about the Mattingly. I’ve been looking for that one on eBay. So jealous! But I’m glad a fellow Mattingly collector has one. I have the Black and Red border cards as well as the /25, /50 and /125 numbered cards.

  2. Wow! You’re very welcome, thanks for giving me my own post dedicated to the mailing. I think that is what collecting is all about. Helping each other out. The happiness of someone who gets a card that they collect is unmatched in this hobby.

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