Some new Evan Longoria cards

November 20, 2008 at 1:31 am | Posted in My Cards, Rays, Topps, Upper Deck | 5 Comments

I recently purchased some interesting new Evan Longoria cards from eBay that I wanted to share with y’all.

First up is an “All Star Stitches” Authentic Event-Worn All Star Jersey card from Topps Updates & Highlights:


I really like this card because it’s a great design and I love knowing when the jersey that is in the card was actually worn.  However, it is an event-worn jersey.  Here’s what it says on the back of the card:

“The embedded swatch was cut from an authentic event-worn piece of a 2008 MLB® All-Star Festivities jersey of Evan Longoria”

So I guess this means that the jersey was worn during batting practice, the home run derby, or something else.  It wasn’t worn in the actual All Star game.  I’m usually not a fan of event-worn jersey cards, but at least this is from the All Star “festivities”.  I like this card enough that I’m looking to obtain the Scott Kazmir and Dioner Navarro cards like this.  If you have either of them, let me know and we’ll see if we can work out a trade.

Next is an autographed card from Topps Stadium Club:


On the positive side, it’s an on-card autograph.  On the negative side, Topps decided to recycle the exact same photo that they used for Longoria’s Topps Chrome card.  And it’s a goofy photo.  Topps had all season to snap another picture of Longoria, but apparently they didn’t.  This is pretty much the best autograph that you can get in Stadium Club.  A box of Stadium Club sells for about $200 (although its selling price has been dropping quickly in the last couple of weeks).  I bought this card for about one-fifth of that.  If you’ve seen any video box breaks of Stadium Club, then you know that the vast majority of the 12 autographs that you get in each box are completely worthless.  I’ll probably stay away from Stadium Club unless the price drops even more, but I might be interested in picking up some retail packs since the base cards look pretty good.

Finally, an autographed card from Upper Deck SP Authentic, numbered 006/350:


I like the design of this card, although I’m not sure that I understand the logic of having the autograph in the window on the card.  It’s clearly a sticker autograph (I can see the “authentic” logo on it when I hold it up to the light), but they put the sticker on a piece of paper with that weird arrow shape, and then put the paper inside the card with the autograph showing through the window.  As you can see, this causes the top part of the signature to be chopped off.  I would have preferred a simple sticker autograph on the card.

As for SP Authentic itself, I won’t be buying any hobby boxes of it.  The hits are nice, but the base cards are ugly and the inserts are pointless.  If the base cards in a set don’t interest me, then I’d rather just buy the hits that I want off of eBay and avoid buying boxes or packs.

I’ve also added a new page to the blog to feature my Evan Longoria collection.  I currently have 45 Longoria cards and that number has been growing!  Check it out…



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  1. I think the $25 price tag for a hobby pack of Stadium Club is starting to get undercut by the $3 price tag for a retail pack with the same number of cards.

    I like the design for the Updates and Highlights jerseys, it’s pretty unique.

  2. I agree with dayf. The retail packs are cheap if you’re looking for base cards and the first day insert. Besides, take the money you were going to pay on a random hobby box and buy the cards you want on eBay.

  3. I just wish I could find retail packs of Stadium Club around here. I can’t find them at any of the Wal Marts or Targets near me. Do they have them in High Point yet, Pete?

  4. They have blasters and loose packs at a couple of Targets nearby. I haven’t seen anything at Walmart. Seems to be that Walmart around here is the last to get anything. The Targets got Topps U&H way before Walmart did.

  5. I agree on the SP. They suck.

    The worst part is that I’ve somehow managed to pull two autos out of three packs and BOTH autos were smudged. Even if they weren’t, you absolutely right about the edges being “hidden” under the edges.

    It’s really, really stupid looking. I’ve given almost all the base I’ve pulled away in packages. I won’t be buying anymore.

    I also bought a blaster box of SC. While the photography is outstanding on alot of the cards, I wasn’t overly impressed. I’m glad you posted about ELongoria’s card being the exact same photo as Chrome. This insures that I won’t be buying anymore SC this year.

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