Mailday from Connor

November 24, 2008 at 12:40 am | Posted in Blogs | 1 Comment

I recently received a thank you note and package of cards from Connor of Treasure Never Buried in return for the birthday package that I sent for his 5th birthday.  You can check out Connor’s package break here if you haven’t seen it yet.

I made the mistake of integrating the cards that he sent into my collection before I posted this, so I can’t tell you specifically what I got, but there was a good mix of Rays and early 1990s Yankees, which brought back some good memories for me.  The highlight was an Evan Longoria die cut card from Upper Deck X which I needed for my Evan Longoria collection.

Here is the thank you note from Connor.  He included some of the Fleer stickers that he got for his birthday on all of his thank you notes.  Since the Rays didn’t exist when Fleer was making stickers, he wisely substituted the Yankees, who were my favorite team back then:


It’s great to see kids like Connor and Lucy from Dinged Corners enjoying the baseball card hobby.  I’m hoping that someday we’ll get to see Grady Motherscratcher collecting cards too!

Finally, you can check out another item that I received from Connor in the past here.


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  1. I keep doing the same thing on trade stuff. I sit down to scan cards with some great post in mind and then realize I’ve already ran the stuff into my collection.

    Glad you liked the stuff we sent, Dave!

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