2008 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces Hockey Hobby Box Break

November 25, 2008 at 3:43 am | Posted in Hockey, My Cards, Upper Deck, Video | 7 Comments

If you’ve checked the Fielder’s Choice YouTube channel over the last few days, you may have already seen these videos.  Yes, I am breaking new ground here by opening a hobby box of hockey cards on a baseball card blog.  This is actually the first box of cards from another sport that I’ve ever bought.  Hockey and football are my favorite sports besides baseball.  I was very intrigued when I first heard about the Upper Deck “Legends Masterpieces” hockey cards.  As you know, Masterpieces is one of my favorite baseball card sets, so I thought that the hockey version would be fun too.  All of the cards feature legendary players and classic moments, so it’s a great product for all hockey fans even if they’re not usually hockey card collectors.

I had trouble managing my time when I was opening the box.  First, I originally thought that there were only 12 packs in the box, like 2008 Masterpieces baseball, but there were actually 18.  So I wasn’t pacing myself properly.  Second, the time on my video camera didn’t seem to be working correctly, so I couldn’t even tell when I hit the 10-minute mark, which is the maximum length for a YouTube video.  The video ran just over 12 minutes, so I divided it into two videos.  You’ll notice the lack of a transition between the two, but it worked out because each video includes 9 packs.  I definitely recommend watching these videos, if for no other reason than to listen to the great hockey songs in the background.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  • 67 base cards (including 2 duplicates) – giving me 65 out of the 87 cards in the set
  • 2 black border parallels – Patrick Roy and Glenn Anderson
  • 1 red border parallel (18/25) – Bob Baun
  • 1 jumbo box topper card – Willie O’Ree
  • 2 “Canvas Clippings” memorabilia cards – Steve Shutt and Wendel Clark
  • 1 black bordered “Brushstrokes” autograph card – Bob Baun
  • 1 green bordered “Brushstrokes” autograph card (15/35) – Ron Sutter

Here are some scans of my favorite cards.

Wayne Gretzky holding up his L.A. Kings jersey right after he was traded by the Oilers in 1988.  This was without a doubt the biggest and most shocking trade in any sport during my lifetime:


Mark Messier hoisting the Stanley Cup for the New York Rangers in 1994, after the most exciting Stanley Cup Finals that I have ever witnessed.  It was the first Stanley Cup for the Rangers since 1940:


Ray Bourque lifting the Stanley Cup while with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001.  Bourque was the greatest defenseman of his generation, but he had never won the Cup in more than 20 years of playing for the Boston Bruins.  The Bruins traded him to the Avalanche in 2000 so that he could have a shot at winning the Cup before he retired.  Bourque’s wait to win a Cup was longer than any other player who had ever won the Cup for the first time.  Seeing him finally pick up that cup was probably the most emotional moment that I’ve ever seen in sports.  It almost brought tears to my eyes:


Here’s the Steve Shutt memorabilia card.  It’s actually an “event-used” card, which takes a lot of the luster away from it, but the blue jersey piece does look nice.  Shutt is a Hockey Hall-of-Famer who was a forward for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970s and early 1980s:


The Wendel Clark memorabilia card is actually game-used.  However, I don’t think that the white memorabilia pieces look very good with all of the white on these cards.  You can barely tell that the memorabilia piece is there.  Clark played for a bunch of teams, most notably the Toronto Maple Leafs, when I was a kid.  He always seemed like a good, but not great player:


Here’s the Bob Baun autographed card.  I hadn’t heard of Baun before I opened this box, but it turns out that he was a great defenseman for Toronto in the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s.  According to “eastenderticats14” who commented on the video: “in the stanley cup final he broke his leg, but just thinking it was injured he went on playing later and scored the game winning goal in overtime!!!”  That’s pretty amazing, as is the neatness of Baun’s autograph:


And finally, here is the Ron Sutter autograph numbered to 35.  Sutter is most notable for being one of six brothers to play in the NHL at the same time.  He’s another guy who was pretty good, but never great, when I was a kid:


So I was pretty happy with this box.  There are four hits per box “on average” and most of the breaks that I’ve seen on YouTube contain one autograph and three memorabilia cards, so I was lucky.  The product is just like 2007 Masterpieces baseball – with 4 “hits” per box, a jumbo card in each box, and no short prints.  2008 Masterpieces baseball has only 2 hits per box, no jumbo card, and 30 short prints to make building the set more difficult.  I much prefer the configuration of 2007 Masterpieces baseball and 2008 Masterpieces hockey.  Hopefully Upper Deck won’t change next year’s hockey set to be more like the 2008 set for baseball.

Like I said earlier, this is a great product for any hockey fan.  It’s possible that I might buy another hockey card product, but it’s unlikely, mostly because it’s hard enough to keep up with all of the baseball card sets that come out.  Plus, I’d really only be interested in Carolina Hurricanes cards.  I wouldn’t mind getting autographs or game-used cards from guys like Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin, but I’m sure that the odds of that are astronomical.  So I’ll probably stick with baseball until next year’s Masterpieces hockey set comes out.  Maybe I’ll even give Masterpieces football a try…



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  1. Very nice Dave! You really know your hockey. I’m impressed! Being a Devils fan, I hate looking at 2 of these cards in particular but still, nice break! Perhaps we can make a hockey team trade sometime? I’ll have to see what I have for ‘Canes.


  2. Or maybe I should say 3 cards I hate looking at lol. Congrats again on the pulls, sure beats the Noah Lowry autos…

  3. Nice break. I broke one of these myself and got shorted a memorbilia card for an extra brown border parallel of Lord Stanley. Bleah.

    If you are interested in the set, I’ve got duplicates from it for trade, and maybe I’ll need you’re two extras. And I’d trade for the Shutt jersey if you’re up for it. My wantlist is up at my site. Let me know what you need…

  4. Wendel!!

    He just had his jersey honoured by the Leafs last Saturday night. They had a great highlight package before the banner raising. He was a good hockey player, but he was a great Maple Leaf!

  5. John – I know that you’re talking about the Messier card and the Bourque card because they both beat the Devils in those years – but what’s the third card? I’d definitely be up for receiving some Canes cards in a trade, but I don’t have much Devils to offer you, unless I go up to my attic and pull out my album of late 80s and early 90s hockey cards…

    Handcollated – Sorry about your box. I am going to try to build the set. I actually have more than 2 duplicates because I bought a couple of retail packs a while ago. I’ll post my want list and list of doubles soon and I’ll let you know. And I would be willing to trade the Shutt jersey card.

    Hamiltonian – That is awesome! I’ll be watching Glen Wesley’s jersey get retired in Raleigh in a couple of months. One of my goals in life is to watch a game in either Toronto or Montreal, that would be an unbelievable experience.

  6. Nice video, though as a Habs fan I’m still bitter about you guys beating us in the ’06 playoffs 😦 As someone from Bourque’s neighborhood, nice mention of him as well.

    I’ve been looking to get a box of Masterpieces for awhile, looks like a very fun product to break. If you’re into old-timers, also check out 06-07 Parkhurst, the base set is regular photos but 4 autos per box.

  7. Haha, the third would’ve been the Sutter, just because of the FLYER uniform. I’ll have to send you an email with what I have.

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