A bunch of cards from Upper Deck Timelines

November 25, 2008 at 9:34 pm | Posted in My Cards, Rays, Upper Deck | 2 Comments

Upper Deck Timelines is kind of a strange product.  It features a 100-card base set, which seems to be the standard for almost all Upper Deck products, but there are a bunch of extra subsets that are based on designs from past Upper Deck products, for a grand total of 385 cards.  I guess it’s Upper Deck’s answer to Topps Heritage.  You can check out all of the different subset designs on Upper Deck’s web page for Timelines, available here.  I bought a couple retail packs of it recently, and I got many more base cards than subset cards, so it seems like it would be pretty difficult to build all of the subsets.  This set looks horrible for set builders.  I’d prefer to see Upper Deck choose one design from its past and make an entire retro set based on that (the groundbreaking 1989 set would be a good start).  On the other hand, Timelines can be fun for player collectors.  For instance, it contains a ton of Evan Longoria cards for me to collect.

With that in mind, I checked eBay recently to see what Longoria cards from Timelines I could find.  I was fortunate to find a 5-card lot that I got for only $6.27.  Here are the cards:

"1992 Minor League"

This is my favorite of these cards.  Upper Deck says that it’s based on their 1992 Minor League set, but the design is pretty much identical to their 1992 Major League set too.  The 1992 set is one of the nicer designs from Upper Deck’s early years.

"1993 SP Rookie Card"

This is another nice design from the first year of SP, which competed with Topps Finest and Fleer Flair among the “super premium” sets.

"1994 SP Rookie Card"

This one replicates the 1994 SP design.

"1995 SP Rookie Card" Die Cut

I’m a big fan of this card.  It’s a really great picture and I love the die cut.  I wouldn’t mind seeing more die cut cards being made today.  Of course, I’d rather they look like this card than the die cuts in Upper Deck X.

"1994 All-Time Heroes"

I was still collecting in 1994, but I don’t remember “All-Time Heroes” at all.  Anyway, this card is based on that design.

These cards all make nice additions to my Evan Longoria collection, which is now up to 53 different cards.  However, I’ll be steering clear of buying any more packs or any boxes of Timelines.



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  1. There are more subset cards in Hobby packs than retail packs. You did good, three of those are a little tougher to get than the other subsets. The SPs are SP’d so to speak. Upper Deck did an ’89 tribute set back in 2005 I think. I wouldn’t mind seeing them do it again.

  2. I can see how this is a set builders nightmare… but it’s a player collector’s dream! Just like you picked up a handful of Mr. Longoria, I picked up a bunch of Joey Votto cards. That’s probably all I will get of this product. In those terms, I think it’s a fun set.

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