It will be mine – oh yes, it will be mine!

December 10, 2008 at 12:25 am | Posted in Football, Topps | 3 Comments

The title of this post is also one of my favorite quotes from one of my all-time favorite movies, Wayne’s World.  When I read previews of upcoming products on other blogs and web sites, it’s rare that I see something that I decide instantaneously that I need to have.  Sometimes I see an Evan Longoria card that looks nice, and I want to have it, but I don’t anxiously count down the days until the product is released.  But recently, I have seen a card that I absolutely need to have as soon as I possibly can, and it’s actually from a football card product.  You see, Topps is coming out with a football card set called Mayo that will be similar to Allen & Ginter baseball in that it’s based on a football card set from the 1800s (1894 to be precise).  The set itself sounds pretty cool, but the card that blows me away is this certified autograph of one of the all-time best people in the world, Joe Paterno:


I have to give credit where it’s due here; I read about the card and got the image from Beckett’s blog.

Anyway, this is the first ever certified autograph of Joe Pa, the living legend, and it is a great looking card!  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably know that I am a Penn State graduate (class of 2001), and like anyone who ever went to Penn State, I am a huge admirer of Joe Pa.  The man has been a coach at Penn State since 1950.  That’s before either of my parents were born and it was during the Truman Administration.  He’s been the head coach since 1966, and he’s won more games (383) and bowl games (23) than any coach in college football history.

Joe Pa will turn 82 later this month.  Even though the team is basically run by the assistant coaches now (especially defensive coordinator Tom Bradley), Joe Pa is still the leader of the team and the program.  I remember when Lloyd Carr (Michigan) and John Cooper (Ohio State) used to tell recruits to stay away from Penn State because they didn’t know how much longer Joe Pa would be coaching.  He’s managed to outlast both of them and win the Big Ten championship in 2 of the last 4 years, including this year.

According to Dave & Adam’s Card World, Mayo will be released on January 8, 2009.  I might buy a hobby box of it, but I know that I’ll definitely be searching eBay for the Joe Pa autograph card as soon as I can.

Coincidentally, January 8 will be exactly one week after the Rose Bowl, which I am extremely excited about.  Penn State went 11-1 this season, with the only loss the result of a heartbreaking last-second field goal by Iowa.  I was very happy to see Oregon beat Oregon State a week and a half ago to ensure that Penn State will play USC in the Rose Bowl.  Since we already demolished Oregon State earlier this year, 45-14, playing them again wouldn’t have been much of a reward.  On the other hand, USC is one of the top teams in college football, and it’ll be a great game between two evenly matched teams.  USC might be favored because it’ll almost a home game for them in Pasadena, but they did lose to the same Oregon State team that Penn State blew out.  I believe that Penn State and USC are both as good as the teams that will be in the national championship game, Florida and Oklahoma, and it’s a real shame that we’ll never find out who would win in a real playoff system.  I get that the SEC and the Big Twelve were the two best conferences this year, but that doesn’t mean that the winners of the Big Ten and Pac Ten are any less deserving of a shot at the national championship.  Anyway I can’t wait to see what happens in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day!

And I can’t wait to own the autographed Joe Paterno card.  It will be mine – oh yes, it will be mine!



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  1. That’s a great looking card – I’m probably going to be on the lookout for a copy as well.

    I’m not a Penn State alum, but I became a fan of the program and of Joe Paterno after reading “Something for Joey” in a high school english class.

  2. Wow – it sounds like your high school English teachers had much better taste in selecting books to read than mine did!

  3. I’m just holding out for the Kirk Ferentz card…

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