The best thing about Stadium Club…

December 12, 2008 at 1:16 pm | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 14 Comments

I really am a fan of 2008 Topps Stadium Club.  I should clarify that.  I’m not a fan of the vastly overpriced hobby version of Stadium Club, but I love the photography on the base cards, and I’m trying to put together a set from retail blasters.  I’ve bought three blasters so far, and I’ll probably buy one or two more this weekend and then try to trade for the rest of the cards that I need.

My favorite part of the set is cards 91-100.  These ten cards feature enhanced photographs of legendary Hall of Famers.  The cards look unbelievably good.  They almost make the legends look like current players.  If you can call these cards a “subset”, then cards 91-100 are my favorite subset of 2008.  I have 6 of the 10 so far.

I already showed you my Roberto Clemente card, but here it is again:


Here’s Mickey Mantle, probably from spring training in the early 1960s:


Honus Wagner, in living color:


Nolan Ryan, with the Mets at the beginning of his major league career:


Tom Seaver staring down a batter (probably a Cincinnati Red):


And my favorite of all, Jackie Robinson coming to the plate at Ebbets Field:


Since Topps has the technology to make these cards, and all of those exclusive contracts, I’d like to see a whole set of legendary players with digitally improved photos like these…



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  1. Let me know what you end up needing for base cards. I bought a blaster but decided against putting the set together. I am however looking for the Red Sox from the set so if you end up with doubles of those I’d love to make a trade with you.

  2. A whole set of Stadium Club legends is a great idea. I’d be the first one in line.

  3. I love it -I wish they would expand the set to include 50 legends – the cards are just so well done… I Need more! lets see if we can any of those Joe D’s (number 94 i think)

  4. I like the legends, and I think they found some great photos to use. I’m just not a fan of the colorization attempt.

  5. Dave-
    Who are the other 4 players in this subset?

  6. Brian – the other 4 players are pretty impressive – Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Ty Cobb. I’ll be sure to scan and post their cards when I get them.

  7. The cards look great. I’d love to see the set expanded with hopes of maybe seeing a Billy Williams or Fergie Jenikns card as part of the set. I’ll cross my fingers!

  8. I totally agree about expanding the legends in the set. Speaking of legends did your Jackie Robinson card have a white bar at the bottom of the card?

    Great article. Checkout my have/want section on my blog. I’m trying to put this set together, so maybe we can help each other out.

  9. Hey PAB – no, there was no white bar on the Jackie Robinson card. I’ll email you after I buy a little more Stadium Club and we’ll make a trade.

  10. Hi Dave, I’m trying to put together the set too from blasters, I don’t have plenty of doubles yet but if you need something just let me know.

  11. Hate to mention it, but there’s no Dimaggio. At least, no one I know has seen one, and not one Dimaggio card has hit eBay except the cutouts that have randomly appeared in packs. One auction has the stupid things up over $20 even though they appear pretty prevalent

    And as far as I can tell, there’s still no word on why Topps pulled the card, either.

  12. That’s horrible – so there’s no card #94 in Stadium Club? I read your post about it, sounds like maybe Upper Deck secured the exclusive rights to DiMaggio, and Topps had to pull the card at the last minute…

  13. When I read about the Dimaggio card on this thread earlier I went to look for it on the checklist. I didn’t see it listed on the checklist but then again there is not a card #94 listed on the checklit.

  14. Those are nice looking cards, and if they made a full set of vintage players I might buy some. I’ll probably end up picking up a few packs here or there, but won’t be getting any blasters since I’m focusing on Reds only now.

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