Team assignments for the free group break

December 18, 2008 at 10:47 pm | Posted in Blogs | 12 Comments

Here are the team assignments for the free group break of 2007 Sweet Spot:

  1. Mario from Wax Heaven – Tigers
  2. JV from Treasure Never Buried – Rangers
  3. Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored – Twins
  4. Mike (chemgod) from Bad Wax – Pirates
  5. dayf from Cardboard Junkie – Braves
  6. Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners – Mets
  7. Scott from Hand Collated – Reds
  8. Chris from Stale Gum – Mariners
  9. Bailey from The Nennth Inning – Giants
  10. Ryan from Trader Crack’s Card Blog – Blue Jays
  11. Rob from Voice of the Collector – Cubs
  12. Steve from White Sox Cards – White Sox
  13. Joe from Cardboard Addiction – Angels
  14. Ben from Cardboard Icons – Red Sox
  15. Pete from Dropped Third Strike – A’s
  16. Charlie from Hawk to the Hall – Diamondbacks
  17. Paul (deal) from Phungo – Padres
  18. Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats – Indians
  19. PAB from The Player To Be Named Later – Rays
  20. Bill from Thorzul Will Rule – Astros
  21. Adam from Thoughts and Sox – Nationals
  22. Eric Slette from The Pettitte Pursuit – Yankees
  23. Larry – lwc4ut on YouTube – Rockies
  24. Jawdy – JawdysBasement on YouTube – Phillies
  25. Justin from Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland – Orioles
  26. Marie and Sooz from Cardboard Problem – Cardinals
  27. Brian from 30-year old Cardboard – Marlins
  28. Night Owl from Night Owl Cards – Dodgers
  29. JayBee from bdj610’s Topps Baseball Card Blog – Brewers
  30. David from Tribe Cards – Royals

There were only multiple requests for 4 teams, so I only had to randomize those 4 – the Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, and Cubs. awarded the Yankees to Eric Slette, the Red Sox to Ben from Cardboard Icons, the Indians to Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats, and the Cubs to Rob from Voice of the Collector.  Mike from Bad Wax missed out on the Yankees so I gave him his second choice, the Pirates.  Charlie from Hawk to the Hall missed out on the Cubs, so I gave him his second choice, the Diamondbacks.  I put Marie & Sooz, Pete, Joe, Adam, and JV into the randomizer along with everyone who either didn’t indicate a preference or didn’t respond.  The results are what you see above.  Congratulations to PAB for getting the Rays!

If anyone wants to trade teams with anyone else, you can do so up until 8:00 PM EST on Saturday.  Just let me know through email or in the comments of this post if you’ve agreed to a trade.  I’ll be opening the tin on video on Saturday night.  Good luck to everyone!



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  1. I’m really looking forward to this. Thanks again Dave. Now how about some Sutton/Carew/Jackson love for the Halo’s.

  2. LOL, I responded with Yankees, however I love Pujols so the Cardinals work out well for me- Sooz not so much. I win!

  3. I’m as giddy as a little girl. Dave you rock Merry Christmas

  4. Marie – there were 4 people who asked for the Yankees, so I used to choose 1 of the 4. Unfortunately, it chose somebody else. So I assigned a random team to you and Sooz…

  5. Awesome …

  6. Watch, you’ll pull the Michael Buysner or Asterisk auto card. I can’t believe this stuff was selling for $120+ a tin last year.

  7. If I pull the Buysner or the asterisk, those will go to a random person picked by…

  8. Brewers work for me. I’m not picky (well, then again…)


    JayBee Anama

  9. whoohoo Padres!! – lots of Padres synchronicity going on for team Phungo this week. First a posting of Kouzmanoff then one of Tony Gwynn now this. I see it as a good omen.

  10. I’m thrilled to have gotten the Yankees, especially after learning that along with the obligatory chance to pull a Jeter auto, there are Clemens autos too. While Jeter is my #1 auto want, Clemens is a very close #2.

    Marie, if I happen to get any doubles from this break, they’re most definitely yours.

  11. Thanks again for doing this!! Completely awesome.

  12. I’m fine with Royals, but if someone else would rather have the Royals than the team they were assigned, I’ll be happy to swap out.

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