Do you agree with Adam?

December 19, 2008 at 9:49 pm | Posted in Beckett, Blogs | 11 Comments

One semester when I was in college, signs started showing up in almost every classroom, every dining hall, almost every building on campus that simply said, “Do you agree with Adam?”  Soon, people started wearing t-shirts with the same question, and later they wore t-shirts that said “I agree with Adam”.  Everyone was talking about what the question meant, until a few weeks later when we found out that it was just a campaign by some stupid religious group that was trying to get attention.

Anyway, I thought about the whole “Do you agree with Adam?” thing after reading and watching Gellman’s commentary about Beckett’s latest ridiculous video box break of 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts.  Gellman is by far the most vocal critic of Beckett’s unethical business practices of anyone on the internet, but he is definitely not the only person who feels strongly about the mockery that they make of the hobby.  Many bloggers have written posts or commented on other people’s posts, and voiced their disapproval of some of the things that Beckett has done.  But I still think there are people at Beckett and the card companies, and even some collectors out there, who think that Gellman is the only person (or at least one of a small minority) who disapproves of what Beckett does.

If we want to see positive changes made in the sports card collecting hobby, including a significant reduction in Beckett’s influence on the hobby, then it’s time for collectors everywhere to take action.  No, we don’t have to write about Beckett every day.  It’s a lot more fun to focus on the many good aspects of collecting.  But I have an idea of something that any card blogger can do, or anyone with a web site, or for that matter, anyone who posts on a message board.  I’ve created a very simple graphic that I’ve placed on the sidebar of my blog.  It simply states, “I agree with Adam.  Beckett SUCKS!”  I’ve linked the graphic to Sports Cards Uncensored so that anyone who clicks on it will go to Gellman’s blog where they can read a lot more about Beckett’s negative influence on the hobby.  If enough people post that graphic on their blog, their site, or their message board signature, people in the hobby will start to realize that there are a lot of people out there, not just Gellman, who don’t approve of what Beckett does.

If you want to post the graphic on your site, here’s the HTML code to use:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

If anyone out there has better skills at making nice-looking graphics than I do, feel free to improve on it.

I also took some action by posting my own YouTube video in response to Gellman’s.  I apologize in advance if I rambled on a little; I know that I can be very long-winded sometimes.  It was the first time that I ever sat down and just started talking in front of the video camera without having a box to open in front of me.

So the question that I ask to everyone in the sports card blogosphere tonight is, “Do you agree with Adam?”  And if you do, what are you going to do about it?



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  1. Dave:

    I hope this doesn’t make you think any less of me or that I’m thrown out of the box break, but here is my opinion on the whole thing.


    JayBee Anama

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion JayBee. It certainly doesn’t make me think any less of you. The great thing about so many blogs being out there is that there are so many different opinions that are reflected.

  3. Forgive me for my ignorance on the subject I have just recently returned to the hobby but if indeed this box was “loaded” or “hot” or “seeded” is that Becketts fault? Shouldn’t the blame go to the companies that are presenting the hot boxes?

  4. Ross – you’re right that the card companies do deserve blame. That’s why I suggested in the video that collectors boycott the products that are involved in these Beckett box break scams. But Beckett deserves blame because they know that this is going on, and they choose to pretend that the boxes are chosen randomly and that collectors can expect similar success with their own boxes. They also profit from this – directly by selling the cards, and indirectly by the readership and viewership that these breaks generate. Collectors have been calling for them to buy truly random boxes from hobby shops for at least six months, but they won’t do it or even acknowledge that they’re receiving loaded boxes.

  5. Thank you for the explanation Dave. I can see where on one hand some can say they are “tricking” people in to thinking they can score these great hits – but at the same time aren’t the odds of pulling the “hits” usually stated on the boxes? Not to mention if you just use some common sense shouldn’t you just know better?

    I also do not see the problem with them making money from these “loaded” boxes. If it is from selling the cards, or by readership etc. They are a business and just like any they have to cover the cost of operation. If the card companies are knowingly sending them hot boxes they would be stupid not to take advantage of it if you ask me.

    Granted, if they are supposed to be an UNBIASED opinion in the hobby and are getting loaded boxes then their perspective is more than likely skewed but that doesn’t seem to be most peoples problem.

    I mean say what you will about how useful their price guides are but as for the rest of it I personally just don’t get it. I mean besides a publication like Consumer Reports who operates any differently than Beckett?

  6. Ross – Topps states the odds, Upper Deck does not. I haven’t collected enough Donruss-Playoff to know if they state the odds. I broke a box of Razor today, and they do not state the odds, other than saying that there’s 1 autograph per pack.

    I get your argument about using “common sense”, but don’t you get excited when you watch a box break where a great card is pulled? Doesn’t that make you at least a little bit more likely to buy the product? And if you didn’t know any better about Beckett, couldn’t you be influenced by one of these Beckett breaks? I certainly could have been when I first got back into the hobby, and honestly I still might not know any better if it wasn’t for SCU.

    I do think that they should be “unbiased” in their coverage. If Beckett’s readers thought that they were not unbiased, why would they continue to rely on Beckett? From reading Beckett’s product reviews, it’s obvious that they are extremely biased. I don’t know if people just don’t see that or if they don’t care.

    It’s funny that you mention Consumer Reports. I think that if there was a business that operated the same way as Consumer Reports does, but for the card hobby, it would be a great thing. I subscribe to Consumer Reports and I refer to it before I buy cars or appliances. If they operated like Beckett does, there’s no way that I’d place any value on their reviews.

  7. I’m not trying to make this a flame war or an argument so please don’t take it as such and by no means am I on Becketts “side.” But honestly I do not watch many box breaks. If I think there is something I may want to buy I try to find a few different opinions on it then draw my own conclusions about it from there. I mean yeah it is exciting to see some of the pulls guys get but it doesn’t make me want to rush and buy a box of cards because of one lucky pull. If your that naive about buying cards you more than likely are not collecting for the right reasons IMO.

    If Beckett claimed to be an outfit such as Consumer Reports then I could see the where all the problems where coming from – but they don’t do they? I look at Beckett like I do most any other Magazine that I read – as entertainment and as a guide, not as a final word. I guess the way I see it is I feel if you are naive enough to take one persons word or one companies review as the “final word” on something that you want to purchase and don’t bother to research the product some yourself then you have no one to blame but yourself.

  8. That code isn’t working in blogger. The link works but the graphic shows up as an x

  9. haha, funny.

  10. I see someone at Beckett likes your image too.

  11. I’m for Adam! Jpg is on the blog.

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