A Topps redemption story with a happy ending

December 20, 2008 at 2:30 am | Posted in My Cards, Topps | 9 Comments

There’s been a lot of justified criticism about the Topps redemption program recently.  I’ve personally been waiting since June for a weak Co-Signers dual autograph of Jeff Francis and Jason Hirsh of the Colorado Rockies.  I’m also still waiting for two Topps Finest rookie redemption cards (a Jay Bruce autograph card and Jeff Samardzija) that Topps was supposed to ship “after 8/30/08”.  And I’m waiting for my Evan Longoria Red Hot Rookie autograph card from Topps Series 2, which the Topps redemption site says I’ll get in April 2009.  Most of you read earlier this week about the horrible experience that Mario from Wax Heaven has had with a Topps redemption that he’s been waiting more than a year to receive.

Well, at least I can share one happy story about a Topps redemption.  If you saw my Heritage High Numbers hobby box break last week, then you saw the amazing redemption that I pulled for an Al Kaline and Curtis Granderson dual autograph card.  I entered the redemption code on the Topps web site on December 7, and it told me that I’d receive the card in March.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was this afternoon when the mailman delivered this, just 12 days after I redeemed it:


There’s no way that I can complain about a turnaround time of only 12 days for this card!  There are two things that I absolutely love about the card.  One is that both autographs are on-card, and the other is that it’s numbered out of 25.  So the card is better than I expected in two different ways.  It instantly becomes one of the best cards in my collection!

There is one thing about the redemption that I’m curious about, though.  Take a look at the return address that was on the envelope:


I was pretty confused when I saw this, since I’ve never bought any packs of Tristar cards, let alone had a redemption with them.  Does anyone know what the deal is with Topps and Tristar?  Does Topps outsource its redemption program to Tristar, or is this just another company (a “fulfillment service”) that happens to have the same name as the Tristar card company?



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  1. Tristar Fullfilment is unrelated to Tri-Star cards.


  2. That’s a sweet looking card Dave. I had some pretty good luck with a redemption I pulled out of Topps Chrome, when I entered the code on-line in October it told me to expect my redemption in January 2009, however by early November I had received my card.

  3. I watched your video and innocently laughed out loud when you did the last pack expecting an extra hit. I gotta admit, that card is freakin’ sweet and good to know it arrived in a reasonable time.

  4. Yeah, those piece of crap re-pack boxes that people are occasionally foolish enough to buy come from TX.

    Btw Dave, it’s funny. I’m waiting for the same exact weak-sauce dual auto and the Samarzija. You would think the un-auto’d Finest wouldn’t take very long. And I’ve seen plenty of the co-signers cards that had redemptions packed into the product with the autos already on them. I think they just ran out of stickers.

  5. That card is awesome!!!!

  6. Excellent. Curtis has refined his distinctive signature over the years. You know, on-card is the only truly meaningful autograph.

  7. Are you planning on keeping that card or will it find it’s way to Ebay anytime soon?

  8. Justin – I’ve been planning on keeping it, but since you mentioned eBay, I just checked and I see that it has sold for $199.85 and $211.50 in recent weeks. That is very tempting!

  9. Wow that is a great card! As was already said, the on-card autos are a big part of what makes the Heritage product appealing.

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