Happy Hannukah!

December 22, 2008 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Holidays, My Cards | 9 Comments

Hannukah actually began last night, but I didn’t have a chance to write this post until tonight.  This is my fifth year of celebrating Hannukah, as it’s the fifth holiday season that my wife, who is Jewish, and I have been together.  Hannukah is a holiday that can be spelled many different ways.  I use the “two N’s and one K but no C” variation because that’s what my wife prefers.

Although Hannukah is not one of the major Jewish holidays, it is my favorite.  Exchanging presents, lighting the menorah, and trying to sing in Hebrew (Barukh atah Adonai…) is much more fun for me than fasting on Yom Kippur.  In our house, we celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas, which adds a lot of fun to the holiday season.  As Adam Sandler would say, “instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights!”

After two nights of presents, I’m still left wondering if my wife got me any of the cards that I asked for (I kept it simple for her and just asked for Stadium Club, Heritage High Numbers, and Topps Updates & Highlights blasters).  But my first two presents were both baseball-related.  I got Josh Hamilton’s autobiography and a Baseball Hall of Fame calendar, so we’re off to a good start!

I’m thinking that our future kids will make all the other kids jealous by getting presents on all eight nights of Hannukah and on Christmas.  As you can probably tell from reading my blog, I think about my future kids a lot, and I’ve even bought some cards that I’d like to pass down to them someday.  Since they’re going to be half Jewish, I picked up this card earlier this year of one of the greatest Jewish baseball players of all time:


Yeah, I know it looks like Koufax just smelled something really bad, but it’s 1960 Topps, which was a great card design.  This card also reminds me of 2009 Topps Heritage, which will be released only two months from tomorrow!

Looking at the stats on the back of the card, it’s amazing how unremarkable Koufax’s first few years in the majors were.  He’s considered to be one of the best pitchers all time, based on just the last five years of his career, which happen to be possibly the best five year run for a pitcher ever.  Check out his very interesting career statistics here.

Now, I’ll have to try finding a Hank Greenberg card before my kids are born…

Happy Hannukah to everyone who celebrates it!

I’ll have a Merry Christmas post later this week.  My posts will probably be pretty sporadic for the rest of the week as my wife and I will be traveling to visit my family.  We’re leaving tomorrow night and coming back this weekend.


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  1. Thanks Dave!! Happy Hanukkah right back at ya!!!!

  2. Its always fun to crunk with other members of the tribe.

  3. ONE of the greatest Jewish ballplayers of all time?! Sandy IS the greatest Jewish ballplayer of all time. And don’t throw that Greenberg stuff at me 😉

  4. Night Owl – hitters and pitchers cannot be compared – it’s like apples and oranges!

  5. Koufax and Greenberg? Legendary Oriole John Lowenstein will always be the best!

  6. Happy Hanukkah, Dave. Be safe on your trip. 🙂

  7. Happy Hannukah Dave and Dave’s Wife.

  8. Dave, Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!
    patricia & lucy

  9. lvironpigs.wordpress.com

    Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas

    go iron pigs

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