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January 3, 2009 at 2:29 am | Posted in My Cards | 5 Comments

Back on December 20, I was able to stop at a card show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh in the middle of my Christmas and Hannukah shopping.  The number of dealers and the crowd size both seemed to be a little bit higher than they were during previous shows there in May and August, which is a good sign.  I was able to pick up some cool things:

  • Eight 2008 Goudey red back mini’s that I needed: Brandon Webb (#3), Andrew Miller (#78), Ryan Braun (#105), David Wright (#117), Chase Utley (#142), Albert Pujols (#171), James Shields (#181), and Josh Hamilton (#186).
  • Two 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces: Rich Harden (#68) and Jason Varitek (#84).  I now have the full non-SP set of Masterpieces!  I still need 18 short prints.
  • The last five 2008 Topps Heritage black backs that I needed (from the main Heritage set): Robinson Cano (#23), Andy Pettitte (#60), Alberto Gonzalez (#127), Melky Cabrera (#263), and Justin Verlander (#338).
  • Four 2008 Topps Heritage short prints: Gary Sheffield (#442), Chipper Jones (#450), Pedro Feliz (#459), and Carlos Guillen All Star (#488).  That leaves only six cards that I still need to complete the set!
  • Two Evan Longoria cards that I needed from 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects: a refractor and a blue parallel (#354/399):



  • Two cheap Don Mattingly cards that I needed: 2005 Upper Deck Heroes #23 and 2006 Topps Wal Mart #WM34 (in the 1985 Topps design).
  • Joe Biden’s 2008 Topps Card (#C08-JB).  I figured that I might as well add a card of the new Vice President to my Barack Obama collection.
  • A 1996 Leaf Signature Series Tom Candiotti autograph card.  It was only $2, and I enjoyed watching the knuckle-ball throwing Candiotti when I was a kid:


  • Two nice on-card autographs of my favorite hockey player, Eric Staal: 2007-08 SP Authentic Sign of the Times (#ST-ES) and 2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Signatures (#US-ES).  I think that Staal has one of the nicest looking signatures in all of sports:



  • An on-card autograph of former Hurricane Erik Cole, from what appears to be a Bowman Heritage hockey set from 2002:


  • An autographed mini-helmet card of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Lee Evans from 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot:


  • Nine old packs of cards that I’ll be breaking in “A Pack A Day” style posts on the blog.
  • A hobby box of 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects that I’ll break on video soon.

One thing that I’ve noticed by going to card shows is how many dealers pull out issues of Beckett when it’s time to quote a price on the cards that I want to buy.  Before they do this, I already have a price in my mind that I want to pay for the cards.  I’ll ask “how much do you want for these cards?” and then they pull out the Beckett.  Then they act like they’re doing me a favor and tell me that they’ll sell them for half of the book value.  I follow that up with “I know I can get them on eBay for [insert price here]” and 90% of the time they’ll agree to my price.  I think that people who understand how meaningless book value is are in a much better position to negotiate with dealers at shows (and at hobby shops).  You just have to have somewhat of an idea of the market value of the cards.  I’d love to see dealers bring laptops with them and check eBay instead of pulling out their issues of Beckett, but I’m sure that they’re able to take advantage of some less knowledgeable people by quoting the book value.  I’ve also thought about how great it would be to have an iPhone to be able to check the real value of cards at shows…



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  1. Nice cards Dave! That Cole is actually from 2002-03 Topps Heritage. I loved that set and opened a bunch of it. I think I had an Al MacInnis auto as well.

  2. That’s funny, I went to the show in Charlotte and saw the flyer for the Raleigh show. I almost went but decided against it.

  3. I have a laptop with a wireless card where I can sign on whereever I want. I think next time I go to a card show and get quoted Beckett price, I’ll pop open ebay and give the dealer offer.

    You or ebay. It’s just one click away.

  4. Heh – at most shows saying “I can get them on eBay for…” will get you a response of “Go buy it on eBay then.”

    Maybe not so much with the show you went to, but at shows around here, and dealers I speak to, there’s no quicker way to piss off a dealer. When buying on eBay, you don’t get to check out the condition, you have to wait for the cards, and there’s a chance you might not get them at all. I’m glad you got the cards (especially the hockey), but it might piss off the next guy you use that line on.

  5. I used my iphone when I bought my car. The dealer was super pissed at me by the end.

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