Three new Mattingly cards!

January 3, 2009 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Donruss-Playoff, My Cards, Upper Deck | 3 Comments

The closer I get to my goal of owning every Don Mattingly card that was made during his playing career, the more difficult it becomes to find the cards that I still need.  The last time I was able to acquire one was back in November, leaving me with 12 more on my want list.  I was lucky to find 3 of the 12 recently on eBay, knocking out a full one-fourth of my needs!  Here are the 1067th, 1068th, and 1069th Don Mattingly cards in my collection:


This card is a “Press Proof” parallel from 1995 Donruss.  In 1995, Donruss featured player milestones on their checklists.  Mattingly is featured on two checklists.  Card #220 honors his 2000 career hits and card #440 honors his 1000 career RBI.  This card is a parallel of #440.  The regular Donruss cards had silver foil in 1995, while the Press Proofs had gold foil.  The Press Proofs were pretty tough to come by, as only one was inserted in every 20 packs of Series 1 and 24 packs of Series 2.  This card is from Series 2.  According to Beckett, there are only 2,000 copies of each Press Proof card.  This means that the demand outweighs the supply for the star players like Don Mattingly.  I’ve had the Press Proof of Mattingly’s base card from 1995 Donruss for a while, but I still need the Press Proof of the other checklist (#220).


This card is a Gold parallel from the 1995 Upper Deck Special Edition insert set.  The Special Edition cards were a 270-card insert set.  One was inserted into every pack of 1995 Upper Deck.  The Gold parallels were only inserted into one in every 35 hobby packs, so they were very tough to pull.  Since there were 270 of them, you’d only find the Mattingly in one out of every 9,450 packs!  It’s a very nice looking card, and I had been trying to get it for a long time.  I’m pretty sure that was only the second one that appeared on eBay in all of 2008.  I narrowly missed out on the first auction, but I won the second one, and I’m very happy to add it to my collection!


Finally, this is a Gold Signature parallel from the “You Make the Play” insert set from 1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice.  There were 90 “You Make the Play” cards (2 cards of 45 different players), and one was inserted into every pack of Collector’s Choice.  They were shaped like playing cards with rounded corners.  You could supposedly play a game with the cards.  I guess this was Upper Deck’s answer to 1995 Donruss Top of the Order and the non-sports card games of the mid-1990s.  Anyway, the Gold Signature cards featured a facsimile gold autograph, similar to the Silver and Gold Signature parallels of the Collector’s Choice base cards.  They were inserted into one in every 35 packs, so they were pretty difficult to get.  There are two Mattingly cards; the other one is a “Flyout” and this one is a “Double”.  I actually won eBay auctions for the Gold Signature versions of both cards this summer, but the seller who sold me the “Double” card screwed up and sent me the “Flyout” card instead, so I had two copies of the “Flyout” card.  He refunded my money and told me that he would send me the “Double” card, but then he accidentally sent it to the wrong person.  After a few months of trying to get the person who received the card to send it to me, we gave up.  I wasn’t able to find it on eBay again until I saw this one.

So now I’m left with only 9 cards from Don Mattingly’s playing career that I still need.  You can always see the ones that I need here.  With some luck, I’ll move even closer to completing my near lifelong quest in 2009!


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  1. You and I probably fought each other for these cards. I was closely watch all three of those auctions and I still have them saved in my Ebay. I wonder how many auctions you and I fought over without us knowing.

  2. There was an auction for the other Donruss Press Proof checklist that I lost yesterday – were you bidding on that one?

  3. I was watching it. I can’t remember if I bid on it or not. But I knew I was going to be outbid on it.

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