Cards from the Wasteland – another Tampa Bay fan!

January 5, 2009 at 12:34 pm | Posted in Blogs, My Cards, Trades | 2 Comments

Continuing with my series of posts on recent card trades, this one is from Justin, who runs the Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland blog.  We made a trade a couple of months ago before I even realized that he was a blogger, and then he contacted me again in December to let me know that more cards were on the way.  Justin is a great person for me to trade with because he collects Rays cards (and Orioles) and I have a bunch of Rays doubles that I can send to him.  I’ll be sending out a package to him either today or tomorrow.

Here’s what he sent to me…

  • 14 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces cards that I needed – 10 regular cards and 4 short prints.  The short prints included Rod Carew (#104), Derek Jeter (#109), Willie Stargell (#114), and Joe Carter (#120).  Here’s the Jeter and Carter cards:



    I really like the Joe Carter card for two reasons.  First, it’s a picture from his walk-off home run in the 1993 World Series, which was one of the most exciting World Series moments of my lifetime.  Second, he’s wearing the awesome old Toronto uniform.  The current Blue Jays uniforms are not very good, and I’d like to see them go back to the old uniforms from their glory years.

  • A 1998 Pinnacle card of Paul Sorrento, one of the original Devil Rays.  It’s always cool to get “vintage” Devil Rays cards like this to remember the old players and to check out the card designs from the years that I wasn’t collecting.
  • A Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy card that I needed: Game 4834 from 09/01/1985.  The Yankees beat the Angels 5-3 that day, and Mattingly hit two home runs:


  • And finally, a 1/1 black printing plate of Jonny Gomes from 2008 Topps Series 2!  Maybe it’s because I only own three printing plates, but I really like getting them.  I guess I’m not as sick of printing plates as people who have been pullling them for years.  On the other hand, if a printing plate was my “hit” in a box instead of an autograph, I’d probably be disappointed.  Anyway, here’s the printing plate of the free agent Gomes, who in all likelihood has played his last game for the Rays:


Thanks again to Justin for these great cards!  Check out his blog if you ever want to read about the Rays (or other Tampa Bay sports teams) from somebody else besides me…



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  1. I’ve had as much luck finding that Jeter SP as I did finding Waldo as a child.

  2. That Carter brings back great memories. I am going to have to pick that one up for myself.

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