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This is the next in my series of posts trying to catch up on the card trades that I made in December.  This one was with Marie from the Cardboard Problem blog, which is one of the best new card blogs out there (at least I think it’s new; I discovered it in December).  The blog is run by two women (Marie and Sooz) who are huge Yankees fans and are very knowledgeable about the card collecting hobby.  I’m always intrigued by card blogs written by females, probably because I don’t personally know any female collectors and my wife is about as uninterested in cards as humanly possible (tonight she watched one of my video box breaks to help her fall asleep).

When I read that Marie had pulled an Evan Longoria First Day Issue parallel from Topps Stadium Club, I let her know that I was interested in trading for it.  I ended up sending a few Don Mattingly Yankee Stadium Legacy cards that I had doubles of in exchange for the card.  Coincidentally, I bought an Evan Longoria black-bordered Upper Deck Masterpieces card from Marie and Sooz on eBay at about the same time.  I didn’t even realize that I was buying it from them until I saw that my Paypal payment went to “cardbandits”.  Marie sent both cards in the same package.  You can read about the cards that I sent to her here.

First, here’s the Masterpieces card.  It’s the black-bordered parallel, which isn’t serial numbered:


The Masterpieces card is one of my favorite Evan Longoria cards, and the black border makes it look even better!

Here’s the Stadium Club First Day Issue card:

It’s a nice picture of Longoria signing autographs for some fans.  Since he’s wearing a home uniform at what appears to be an outdoor stadium (I don’t think that the little girl would be wearing a coat inside the Trop) and he’s not wearing a spring training hat, I think that this photo was taken during the series against the Blue Jays in Orlando back in April.

The card causes some confusion for me, however.  On the back of the card, I see that it’s #108 in the set.  But this card that I pulled from a Stadium Club blaster myself is also #108:


Does anyone happen to know why there are two different photos of Longoria on the same card?  Why don’t they have different numbers?  Did Topps do the same thing for other rookies?  I don’t see any variations like this in any of the other Stadium Club rookies that I own.  And most importantly, why isn’t Chris Harris boycotting Topps over this “gimmick”?

What’s even stranger is that the same two photos are also used on Longoria’s base card in Stadium Club, and it appears that they are #/999.  I don’t have either of the base cards, and the only ones that I’ve been able to find on eBay are #/999.  Why would Longoria’s base cards be the only ones in the set that are serial numbered?  I ask because I’m someone who is trying to build the Stadium Club set and I’m an Evan Longoria player collector, and Topps has made me very confused!

But anyway, thanks to Marie for the card, and to Marie and Sooz for running a great blog!


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  1. Re: the Stadium Club confusion. Check out Cards in the Attic post:

    He explains it pretty thoroughly. A lot better than I could do because it still confuses me slightly.

  2. Thanks, Night Owl. I just read the Aardvark post and I’m still confused. I don’t think he ever figured it out. I guess I’ll just have to live in a world where there are two different #108 cards with serial-numbered base cards and parallels that are not serial-numbered – somebody pass the Excedrin!

  3. This is my (current) understanding…

    The card of Evan signing autographs is “variation A”- as it matches the photo used on the back. The card of Evan with the bat is “variation B”- as it doesn’t match the photo on the back.

    That said, I have both of these cards- and both are non-serial numbered 1st Day Issues. Neither are short prints as far as I can tell.

    Now… since 108 is evenly divisible by 3, I think you can expect to find (with some difficulty), a serial numbered (to 999) non-1st Day Issue short print “base” card of variation A.

    I don’t think you will find a non-1st Day Issue card exists for variation B- either serial numbered or not. However, if you do, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

    All that aside, how kool would it be to be the kid in the green hat in the center of the card with Evan signing autographs- to discover that he is on one of these cards?

    My vast supply of duplicates is dwindling fast Dave, do you have your Stadium Club want list typed up?

  4. Albuqwirke – I have found serial-numbered base cards of both variations on eBay. I hope to acquire them soon. Topps sure does make it difficult for us. I agree that it would be extremely cool to be that kid. I’ll have my Stadium Club want list and list of doubles posted in the next couple of days (along with a few other sets).

  5. I would be very interested to learn if you can find out from the seller(s) whether those serial numbered base cards were pulled from hobby boxes or other.

    What a strange set!

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