We are all Buckeyes today

January 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Football | 6 Comments

Let’s change the subject back to college football for a minute.  As you know, I am a Penn State graduate and a huge fan of the Nittany Lions football team.  I was very disappointed with the loss to USC in the Rose Bowl.  I’m also disappointed that the Big Ten conference has only a 1-5 record in bowl games this year.  The Iowa Hawkeyes are the only team to earn a victory (in the Outback Bowl).  Northwestern also put up a good fight in the Alamo Bowl before falling to Missouri in overtime.

This is bad news for fans of any Big Ten school.  Traditionally, the Big Ten has been the best football conference in the country, and now that it’s having a down year (coupled with some losses in BCS bowl games in the last few years), the Big Ten haters and critics are out in full force talking about how much they think the conference has fallen.  I should point out that even in a down year, the only conferences that were clearly better than the Big Ten were the Big 12 and the SEC, and now the Pac Ten has a good argument too, with its undefeated record in bowl games.  Unfortunately many members of the media seem to have a vendetta against the Big Ten, and they’d like nothing better than to continue to talk trash about the proud conference all offseason and into the 2009 college football season.

Therefore, it is imperative that every fan of a Big Ten team (and I know there are at least some who read this blog) root for the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University to defeat Texas in the Fiesta Bowl tonight.  Texas is a great team, maybe the best in the country, and if Ohio State can beat them, it’ll send a very loud message to the naysayers that the Big Ten is still a huge power.  If Ohio State loses, that’ll just add more fuel to their anti-Big Ten fire.

For the day, I will forget about Penn State, and proudly cheer for Ohio State.  All Big Ten fans and alumni should do the same.  As the title of this post says, we are all Buckeyes today!  And some of us are Buckeyes every day.

And let’s face it, rooting for Ohio State in a bowl game is a lot easier than rooting for Michigan…

Speaking of Michigan, although I generally despise their football team, I really hope that Rich Rodriguez will get them back on the right track in 2009.  It’s good for the conference when Michigan is one of the top teams in the country.  I just hope that they continue to lose to Penn State like they did this year.

And one more thing about the Big Ten – I think it’s time to just get it over with and invite Notre Dame to be the 12th team in the conference, form two divisions, and start a conference championship game.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the best two conferences in the country (Big 12 and SEC) have already done that.


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  1. Sorry to change the subject but I just saw a rumor that the Rays were close to signing Burrell.


    Go Buckeye’s. Kim’s brother-in-law is a Buckeye fan so I tend to root for them because I have no ties to that division at all.

  2. Oh, I was just going to come tell you the same thing about Burrell. I was at lunch at a sports bar and saw this on ESPN and wanted to tell you.

  3. As an alumni of a Pac-10 school. I have to root against the Big Ten (from a Rose Bowl Stand point).

    Hook ‘Em Horns!

    Sorry Dave.

  4. I’d make a longer comment but I have to go to the toilet to throw up again.

    The possibility of 3 straight embarassing BCS bowl losses has me on the brink of Harakiri, or even Harry Caray.

  5. OK… but don’t ask me to ever root for the Hoosiers come tourney time.

    Illinois ’93

  6. Nah, I wouldn’t do that. As a Penn Stater, I’m not sure if we have a basketball team…

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