2008 Heroes Group Case Break from an awesome YouTube breaker

January 7, 2009 at 10:46 pm | Posted in Random, Upper Deck | 8 Comments

I haven’t participated in many group breaks, let alone plugged one, but that changes tonight.  Let me start by saying that if you haven’t watched any video box breaks by Jawdy’s Basement on YouTube, you’re really missing out.  The guy who does them, Jordan (a.k.a. “Jawdy”), is a huge Phillies fan who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he’s truly one of the friendliest card collectors out there.  I first got to know him when he contacted me to make a World Series card bet.  You know how that ended up, but Jawdy was kind enough to send me a nice consolation package.  Since then, I have been consistently entertained by watching his breaks on YouTube.  And I am not the only one.  I guarantee that you cannot watch an entire box break from Jawdy and his son, Number1Dragonoid, without smiling throughout and laughing a few times.  It’s great stuff and it’s the type of father-son card collecting interaction that I hope to partake in someday.

But let me get back to the reason for this post.  Jawdy recently announced a group break of an entire case of 2008 Upper Deck Heroes baseball cards.  You can check out the details here.  I’ve joined it and I want to help Jawdy out by spreading the word so that it will fill up soon.  Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that Heroes was not exactly the best product of 2008, I agree with you, but there are some great patches and autographs from both current and retired players in the product.  For example, Jawdy recently pulled a Roberto Clemente patch!  Consider that in a case, there will be:

  • 10 Autographs
  • 30 Game-Used Relics
  • 2 Patches
  • 2 Game-Used Autographed cards
  • TONS of parallels

You can join for $27 (less than the price of two Heroes blasters) and get all of the cards from one random team.  The chances are good that you’ll get a nice “hit”.  And unlike a lot of group breaks, you’ll get all of the base cards from that team too!  You’re allowed to trade teams after they are randomly chosen.  Jawdy also makes an extremely generous gesture by saying that if you don’t get any hits “you can join my next break for half price. If you don’t get a hit in that next break – you get free spots in EVERY BREAK I RUN until you get a good hit. You can’t lose that way!!”

If you’ve never joined a group break before (and even if you have), I think that this would be a good one to try out.  The guy who’s doing it is very reputable, the cost is relatively low, and with an entire case being broken, you’re bound to get something pretty good.  And if you don’t get a hit, you can join his next group break for half price.  If you’re not interested, then just move on to my next post, but I have a feeling that at least some of my readers will be interested in this, and I’m happy to help Jawdy fill up the spots in the break.



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  1. I would totally join except that I hate UD Heroes. I will start watching the breaks though! I was unaware of his channel.

  2. I opened 5 boxes, like the hits, but the base loses its luster after a box or two.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Dave. Isaac loves Heroes. Just joined, here’s hoping this one lives.

  4. YOU ARE INSANE!!!! I am sending you a HUGE HI-5 my friend!!! Thanks for the plug – amazing. If I don’t pull a huge hit from this case for you – I will feel horrible!!! We are now about 5 spots short as of this comment so this may put us over!!!


  5. I think A Cardboard Problem wants in…. We hate money. Hook us up with the info in an e-mail.

  6. i got 2 spots

    cub fanatico

  7. How do I get in? I’ve never done one of these group break and I’ve always wanted to see what it’s all about.

  8. Hey guys – just so it’s clear – if you want to join the group break, leave a comment for Jawdy on this video. Thanks!

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